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How Instagram can be used for marketing.

Instagram is now a global platform that allows businesses to showcase products and humanise their content in any way they wish. It is not just one of the most active platforms, but it has given the chance for businesses to become more engaged with their clients. This engagement has given businesses a chance on instagram to go online and expand their services and product sales. Another factor that makes instagram more profitable for freelance business owners is the level of reach it achieves. Instagram posts and uploads will automatically be giving instagram data on who you attract and what content you follow and therefore will suggest accounts and ideal clients. This will mean that your account will have more of a reach to possibly a wider audience.

There are many different ways instagram can be used for marketing.

Social proof-

People buy things which they think will suit a need or because they feel that they WANT it! Instagram is good for marketing as it could be used as social proof. It will be a reference point for people who are buying to see the products or service so how it is constructed. This proof is developed before buying. 59% of the platforms active users visit the site daily! And these people spend at least seven hours per week browsing content and interacting with brands.

Lead generation-

The idea of the lead generation is demonstrating how you must attract or nurture people to convince them to buy from your business. 45% of instagram users are between the ages of 18-45. You need to establish the audience you want to attract or reach before you start marketing on instagram. There are many different factors that will influence this and you must consider them for example age, location and gender. If you consider these factors, you will keep your efforts consistent.

Build a network of potential customers and others of your industry-

Instagram is constantly recording data and is aware of everything you look at on instagram. If you follow accounts that interest you and relate to your business then instagram can identify this and then suggest more instagram pages that will be attracted to your page and business. Instagram is like a big community so the majority of the instagram users will result in browsing and looking for other accounts and posts. Searching for people who are within your industry or will enjoy your business is good for raising awareness of your business. This is not for a competitive purpose. This will show instagram what accounts you connect to and eventually lead you to other instagram businesses within your industry.

Drive traffic to your website-

In order to successfully begin making sales, your instagram should have similar stuff to your website. This will help encourage people to click the link and browse your products. A good idea could be to make a highlight of stories that maybe explain a bit about yourself and what you do.

Promote other areas of marketing-

Instagram is the best place to raise your accounts awareness. If you start promoting within other areas of marketing, it will boost your businesses reach. Doing things such as blogs, email lists or podcasts or youtube will help influence people to browse your page and build awder network of clients.

If you need some direction on what you should be posting or how to develop a strategic approach, follow the link to my free resources. You can also click and download my ‘How to turn a stranger into a client’ on my website where I have produced a free E-Book for help on converting strangers into sales.

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