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If you want to stop

trading time for money

You need One To Many


Ready to learn how to make passive income?

Sign up through my link and not only will you be enrolled onto the phenomenal One To Many programme but you'll also receive my own support and guidance throughout it


Business doesn't have to limit you.
There are so many ways to leverage your income and supply one to the many

Around the age of 27 my life started to change.

I had been a business owner since the age of 17 and from the outside looking in things looked as if they were going really well. I had a flourishing business and a full client list; but on the inside things weren't quite as they seemed.

I had no time

I couldn't take on any more work

And I was stuck.

I was stuck at an income ceiling. I couldn't raise my prices and I didn't have any time.

I had been following Lisa for a little while and decided to take the plunge and jump into her passive income course to explore ways that I could diversify and perhaps bring in a little more revenue to top up my income. Little did I know that course would change the whole trajectory of my life.

Within months of completing the programme I started to pay off debt and started to save. Within a year I managed to buy my first car and within 2 years I could afford private education for my kids. And now after 3 years of incorporating passive income streams into my life I have just completed on my first home and finally have the stability that I have been craving my whole life. Lisa's course literally changed my life and I now bring in multiple 6 figures year upon year through semi passive and passive income streams.

And I know it can work for you too!



For the fast action takers; those who sign up in the first 24 hours of cart open:

You are invited to an EXCLUSIVE IN PERSON VIP DAY with yours truly!

You will be invited to join me for a full day together in Cambridge to getting clear on your messaging, planning, strategy and intentional Instagramming. You will walk away with a clear view of how to include Instagram in your grand plans feeling confident about your mission and how to make it happen seamlessly.

(Worth £495)


I want you to succeed and I know the best way to do that is through dedicated 1:1 support

When you commit to One To Many and choose the pay in full option you will automatically be eligible to receive 1:1 SUPPORT FROM ME! You will be entitled to:

+ 2 hours of 1:1 time to be taken anytime in the next 6 months!

Think of them like lifelines when you need an injection of support!

(Worth over £1,050)

Not only this, but everyone who signs up will be eligible to receive:

1. 6 MONTHS OF COMPLEMENTARY ACCESS to my Instagram hub 'Huddle'
(Worth over £75)

2. ACCESS TO 'Approach To Action;' MY 6 WEEK INSTAGRAM COURSE to take you from winging it on Instagram to strategic and purposeful.
(Worth £380)



To get access to all of this all you HAVE to do is book through my link below...

Once you have your confirmed place on the course please get in touch with your receipt and I can get you all set in with your bonuses!



Well, ultimately because you think I'll be the best person to help you through the course! And the reality is that I know I can offer an alternative angle to other affiliates. You see I was one of the original bunch to take this course and have since made over £330k in passive and semi passive income so I know how to put the plan into action. Not only this but I hate Facebook! I know that you will be encouraged to develop your business in a way that's right for you and for a lots of people that looks like setting up a Facebook group - but that wasn't for me and it may not be right for you either. I'm not just going to give you standard replicable advice but I will consider what is right for you and how to build your audience in alternative ways.


As any of my current and past clients know - I am an open book and I want to do my best to make sure you are supported.

Instagram education is very broad and everyone comes into business (and Instagram) at different levels but I think I've covered all the basis pretty well: Huddle is designed for newbies and those who are confident to give you consistent education and advice to keep you going. Approach To Action is for those who are more advance and want to purposefully drive traffic and sales through Instagram. And if you book on quickly or go for the full payment option then you will be even more supported.

Not only this but I welcome Instagram DMs at any time - especially from my clients. My job is to support you to do the best that you can so I'm here for you!


To be able to be eligible for my bonuses you need to book onto One To Many through my link just above. This is a unique link to me and you will be flagged up as having purchased through my link. I will then be emailed to say you have done so and I can get you all set up. I may also ask for proof of purchase before I send over access to all of the bonuses.

But what if I sign up through the wrong link or I've already signed up and realised I want your bonuses? That's okay because you get a little grace period. If you think something has gone wrong or you would like to jump in my ship then just email Lisa's team and you can explain the situation - but this must be done before 9:59pm uk time on the 4th April.

Booking through me will not impact the bonuses you receive through Lisa.


I've partnered up with Lisa because I truly believe in the way she runs her business and the results you can get from her signature One To Many course.

It changed my life and it can change yours too. I wouldn't ever tell you to join a course that I hadn't personally completed or that had made a tangible difference to my business/life.

So for these reasons and many more I am affiliating for this course. That means that I get the privilege of supporting my own group through Lisa's One To Many course and I encourage you to sign up through me so that I can make sure that you get the most out of the programme.

I receive a financial incentive for anyone who signs up with me but in all honesty I would recommend this course even if I didn't receive one! If you have any questions about One To Many or the way it works please don't hesitate to reach out and drop me an email. and I'll be happy to answer your questions and bounce ideas around.

N.B I am acting as an affiliate partner for Lisa Johnson Strategist One To Many course and therefore receive a financial incentive for anyone who purchases the course through my unique affiliate link. Inge Hunter Ltd. is not in any way responsible for the delivery of the One To Many course or the themes therin and by purchasing the course through my link you are aware of these terms

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