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A transformative journey for 8 ambitious entrepreneurs ready to scale their business success.


Want my attention on your business?

I’m not here to ‘hack’ your way to success.

I’m not here to get you 10,000 followers who are never going to buy from you. 

And I’m not Industry specific.

I have successfully advised over 500+ businesses in a 1:1 capacity ranging from ambitious start ups to PLC corporate marketing departments.

​In today’s fast-paced business world, achieving significant growth requires more than just hard work and dedication - it demands strategic guidance, expert mentorship, and a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

Imagine having an unofficial board of advisors by your side for an entire year—experts in marketing, recruitment, and finance, all dedicated to transforming your business. The Accelerator is precisely that: a unique blend of mentorship, strategic guidance, and peer support designed to help you scale, earn more, and build a business that thrives independently of your day-to-day involvement.


This is perfect for you if:

You are a successful entrepreneur but are struggling to scale your operations or pay yourself adequately.

You are seeking clarity and strategy to build a robust, self-sustaining company.

You are a visionary who admires the growth and operational model of Clue and wish to replicate its success in your own ventures.

​You are seeking expert guidance to refine your marketing, financial, and operational strategies.

You are looking for a supportive community to challenge and inspire you.

You're craving to build something bigger than yourself — a business that could thrive without you micromanaging every bit.

​You want to grow your business and eventually step back, knowing it's in good hands.

I've scaled Clue from an idea to an award winning national company.

From myself and 2 support staff to over 15 team members and a high street office.

From 3 clients to a waitlist of leads eager to work with us.

All in under a year!

You can achieve the same growth as well

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This is a 12 month Accelerator Programme running April 2024 to April 2025 and includes the following:

Quarterly Strategic Sessions

In depth 3 hour quarterly sessions to cover strategy, finances, marketing, sales and operations. Keeping you on target and goal focused. Encouraged to be done in person.

Exclusive In Person Events

Two in person meet-ups that are more than gatherings. They're incubators for ideas, collaboration, and lasting partnerships. Carefully designed to enhance your network and business opportunities.

Monthly 'Hot Seat' Sessions

Benefit from personalised focus during our online 'Hot Seat' sessions, where you and your business are the centre of attention, receiving direct advice and actionable strategies.

Unofficial Board of Directors

Functioning as your year-long unofficial board, our program offers the collective wisdom, experience, and insights of seasoned professionals from recruitment, finance and legal. Secured with NDAs to foster complete transparency.

Premier Networking & Visibility Opportunities

Regular stream of personalised suggested networking events and opportunities, connecting you with potential partners, mentors, and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Sent to you directly to grow your business in new ways.

A Collaborative Community & Training Resources

Join a collaborative community where you can exchange ideas, seek advice, and share victories. And access to training resources designed to enhance your skills and knowledge on demand.

This is an application only Accelerator

This isn't just about business growth; it's about transformation. We're building businesses that are resilient, profitable, and capable of thriving without your constant oversight. It's about creating the freedom to explore new opportunities, knowing your business is scaling up and paying you what you deserve.

With only 8 spots, this intimate programme offers a level of personalised attention and mentorship unmatched elsewhere. This is your moment to step into a bigger vision for your business and life.

Investment is £680 per month 
Priced to take into consideration that throughout the year you will be 
encouraged to invest in building your team, marketing activities and business growth

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