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UNTIL 2021

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what is involved>


what is involved >

24 modules

85 classes

31 experts

The Agency is a 9 month educational programme which will guide you through all of the disciplines of digital marketing as well as covering topics that will grow your business as a whole and will give you access to resources, templates and databases that aren't available anywhere else. It is taught by myself and expert teachers covering their subject of excellence just for The Agency.

The Agency has a module based class structure with full content support throughout which means that I give you calendars that will tell you what to post about on your social media everyday of the programme as well as educating you along the way in increasingly effective tactics and strategies that will compliment the posts you're doing; resulting in you knowing a full and complete way of managing and marketing your business.

You are fully supported throughout the whole programme, so there is no need to think, or guess or speculate. You are guided to learn and implement at the same time.

9 social media calendars

6 live homework sessions every month

2 group Q&As every month

Group support from everyone on the programme

Weekly guided rest and write sessions

Not only is this an educational programme but because I know that you are busy running your business and I want you to get the most out of this there are also extra supportive measures that have been taken to be sure you will succeed.

I know the common problems that get in the way of you having the time to grow and concentrate on your business so I have thought these out for you in advance.


9 monthly social media calendars

One of the reasons why you may not be doing what you need to do or learning what you need to learn or implementing what you need to implement, may be because you just simply don't know what to post. To be able to ensure that you won't get caught out I have constructed a day by day content calendar for you which gives you 2x post ideas every day as well as daily Instagram story ideas.

6 live homework sessions every month

It can sometimes be hard to find the time to put to work all of the things you learn about running a business and it can be a bit underwhelming working it through on your own, getting stuck and not having an outlet. That is why there are 6x 1 hour live homework sessions every month for you to sit in on. 2x morning sessions, 2x lunch sessions and 2x evening sessions. You will know these in advance so schedule them in as work time and get implementing whilst we are all sitting together and you can ask your questions as you work.

2 Q&A sessions every month

Perhaps you've found a block and can't work through it or want to ensure you're on the right track. As well as the live homework sessions there will be dedicated question times every month which you can drop in to ask your questions or sit in on and listen to everyone else working through their own questions. Once per month at lunchtime and once per month in the evening.

Group support from everyone on the programme

Working on your business can sometimes be a little lonely and you may need the support of a group to feel motivated and on track and may like to network with like minded business owners. Everyone on the programme will be put into a facebook community group together where we can communicate, check in and get to know others on the programme.

Weekly guided rest and write sessions

Business can get on top of everyone and sometimes you may be running out of steam. Not only that but sometimes we can get in our own way when it comes to our progress and so I completely believe in taking time once per week to reset, recover and reconnect which is why I'll be paying for every member to take part in a guided weekly rest and write session every Sunday evening with a qualified mindset teacher which will give you time to slow down, journal and explore what is important and take a well deserved break ahead of the next week.

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why has it been created>

why has it been created >

To be a complete solution to growing and marketing your business

To move away from the niche investment business model

To empower you to make decisions for your business based on experience rather than speculation


I think growing and marketing a business go hand in hand. You can't market your business without wanting to grow it and you can't grow your business without marketing it. So The Agency is designed to be a one stop shop to learn and implement all at once. 

I have been frustrated to see well meaning business owners invest in outsourcing and educational courses that only solve one piece of the puzzle without addressing the whole discipline or digital marketing and business growth as a whole.

My ethos is that you before you even consider paying to outsource or booking onto a course you should know whether it is going to make a difference to your business or not. I fully believe you should be in the position of having an understanding of what works for your business and what a job entails before you decide that it's right for you to outsource or concentrate on.

So that said; The Agency has been created to be a source of knowledge for you to understand how to do the things you need to do and what works for your individual business.

Then from that point onwards you can make a decision about outsourcing or investing in a niche market.

The Agency is here to give you back the power, knowledge, time and know how to make informed decisions for you and the well being and ongoing growth of your business.


At the end of the 9 months you will have covered all aspects of growing and marketing a business.

You will have exponentially grown your business in the process.

And you will know what works and what to look for next to move forwards with your goals.

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Small business owners

Medium size business owners



You're working on your own, you've just set up your business or maybe you've been at it for sometime and want it to get to that next level. Before you invest in something new you may want to stop and consider what is it that you need to work on, which areas of your business require attention and how can you learn what is best for you. This is exactly how The Agency will empower you and educate you. If you are working away on your own business then this will give you that knowledge to push yourself further than you have done before and put you in the position of learning how to outsource and where to grow your business.

Small business owners

So you have a business that's working, you might have a small team, maybe you're feeling rather confident about what you're doing and what elements of your business are working. So now what? What's next, where do you next explore where to go? This is where The Agency steps in and gives you the support and the confidence to expand on what you're doing and explore where your next step will be. Take it with your team members and learn where your skill set lies as a team and how to best use all of you to work towards your vision.

Medium size business owners

So you have a full time/ part time team and are running a profitable and successful business, why would you need The Agency? Well you can't do everything anymore and micro manage your team. So instead of hiring in a 'marketing specialist' The Agency programme will work to train up a loyal member of your team to take over the marketing role and leave you able to focus on the big picture and learn how best to use your team, their drive, their ideas and their skills.

who is it for >

who is it for >

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how does it work >

There is a core content strategy to follow

Each month is opened up for you to level up to

You will be provided with a progress guide

You can choose to stay in for lifetime access after the 9 months


There is a core content strategy to follow

You will be given a structure to follow every day. I will suggest that you sign up to a scheduler to be able to prep your social media posts every week so are confident that you are on top of what needs to be done to keep you visible throughout the whole process. Then you can rest easy knowing that you have the time to indulge in the classes. The content structure has been thought through to bring your followers along a proven buyer's journey and you will be encouraged to sell and make money as we progress.

It should take you around 2/3 hours per week to schedule your social media posts.

Each month is opened up for you to level up to

There is a predetermined process to the programme which will guide you through a natural increase in ability and acumen. There is a progressive nature to each month and I have ensured that you will be fully able to work through each month and feel confident with each class before moving onto the next month.

It should take you around 8 hours per month to complete the classes.

You will be provided with a progress guide

To make sure you know what's coming, what to work on and are able to communicate your progress with me you will be added to a Trello board which you will have the ability to edit and check off classes as you complete them so you know where you're at and can refer to the notes you have made throughout. Great if you want a little accountability with me or want to share classes with your team.

You can choose to stay in for unlimited access after the 9 months

Because of the quality of databases, classes, templates and knowledge in The Agency when you've completed the programme you will be able to opt into ongoing access so that you can continue to dip in and out of the clases (and any new classes that get added) as well as have continued use of the exclusive tools and databases available (that are updated regularly).



does it work >

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when does it open >

August 2021


Once you enrol in The Agency you will be able to access your content calendars, databases and August trainings immediately. Classes start in the September.

The programme then runs until May 2022.

It will not reopen until August 2021.

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how much does it cost>

2020 PRICES>

£1800 up front


£225pm for 8 months


One on One option

£3000 up front


£375pm for 8 months

The one on one option gives you the ability to have my eyes on your business and make The Agency specific to you. We will work closely together throughout the programme to keep you accountable and ensure you are as supported as you can be.

You will get:

2x one on one 1 hour calls per month

Accountability goal setting

WhatsApp support when you need it


I've priced it this way on purpose.

Because just buying onto one of these modules from a niche course creator will cost you upwards of £300/£400 on it's own. And if you wanted to outsource just one element of these digital marketing disciplines it would cost you at least £800pm. So let's learn how to do it together, understand what works and then feel empowered to know what to outsource and what to explore further.

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