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Imagine that you had the knowledge and power of a full marketing and business growth agency at your fingertips.

Imagine that you had a clear direction that you could confidently implement and you knew exactly how to do everything you wanted to.

Imagine that you felt so confident and self assured in your business that you stopped comparing yourself, knew how and where to outsource and you stopped feeling pulled and pushed in every direction.

I was fed up with it

I was fed up with consulting business owners who had seen pieces of the puzzle but were confused on the whole picture. I was irritated that I could see highly capable individuals spend thousands of pounds on various ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ who over promised and under delivered.

And I was annoyed that digital marketing and business growth seemed to be this illusive and inaccessible ‘secret’ that left business owners confused, overwhelmed and unsure about their businesses. I wanted to put this right and so created The Agency.

I wanted to create a space where all of that access to

experts and 1:1 support that business owners needed was in one place. So I set about creating a familiar module and class based programme which includes a curated array of experts who all complement each other and are highly regarded specialists.

I provide you with a mixture of my knowledge, experience, and network to grow your business and tap into your full potential.

Nothing will ever be a guessing game again. You'll be able to execute from a position of knowledge and confidence.

You have so many things that you ought to be doing but don't know where to start or where to focus your attention.

You need to sign up to every short course you see because you feel like you must be missing some sort of magical cure.

No-one quite knows how you feel and they don't 'get it'

Your business has huge potential but you aren't quite sure where you are on your road map to success.

You know you need to prioritise your marketing but haven't found the right way to do it just yet.

I know you feel as though


Why listen to me?

I know how it feels to be lonely in business and be tempted by all of the things around you to ‘hack’ your business and ‘fast track’ your results. I've been an entrepreneur all my life and always have that voice in my head telling me that I want more from this.

I am a Digital marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur that has come from hustling and homeless, selling pre-made cocktails on the street to becoming a multi revenue six figure Digital Marketing Strategy consultant.

I started my first business at 17 and successfully grew it whilst studying for my Business Management & Marketing degree. Since then I have had two successful businesses before I created a Digital Marketing agency and subsequently moved into consulting.

I am now an award winning Instagram & Digital Marketing consultant and have been referred to as "an authority on the future and power of digital media for SME's in the UK".

I have consulted hundreds of businesses ranging from product to service, plc to start up, to harness the power of Instagram and Digital Marketing to develop and grow their businesses. I'll help you grow your digital footprint - so you can not only have a larger audience, but a more engaged, responsive and quality consumer base.




"The Agency has completely transformed my business... It's been so different to anything I've done before. I'm guilty of being a serial course collector; signing up for everything, going to all the webinars but not actually doing the work. Whereas with The Agency, all the information is there but you're guided through it, which makes all the difference."

Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 11.50.27.png


The Agency is a programme like no other. It is 12 months of structured and strategic business & marketing classes and implementation to propel your business and transform the way you grow and market yourself. It is guaranteed to change the way you do business

The Agency delivery has been carefully thought through to complement

you and your needs. I've put together a video to walk you through The Agency and talk you through the whole programme.

0:00 intro

0:16 What is The Agency

0:35 The Agency focus

1:02 Why I created The Agency

1:50 A quick breakdown of the 3 parts of The Agency

2:15 What happens each month in The Agency

3:09 How is The Agency vocational and what is required from you each month

3:56 The support that I provide in The Agency and why it’s 12 months long

4:53 Your expected trajectory over 12 months

5:30 Why it’s important to work on your business in this way

6:00 A breakdown of the additional supportive elements of The Agency

6:32 What are the group sessions that are included in The Agency

7:06 My promise to you for the next year

7:32 Closing points

8:00 How to get in touch


Section 1.

Strengthening foundations and learning about the different disciplines and practising them.

Months 1-4

Section 2.

Implementation and getting stuck in with the skills we’ve learnt.


Including working through a guided launch sequence.

Months 4-8

Section 3.

Optimising and tweaking your approach and learning how to continue to have success long after you’ve left The Agency.


Including a second guided launch sequence to ensure you hit your return on investment of the programme before you finish.

Months 8-12





When you sign up to The Agency you will be given monthly marketing tasks to implement directly into your business with the tools and templates to do so.​ No guessing or waiting around we implement as we learn.

The classes are provided on a month by month basis. The delivery is strategic to ensure you implement as you go. And you are guided through the digital marketing disciplines as if you had signed up to a full digital marketing agency.


Our 1:1 communication is supported through Slack where you will see an easy to follow checklist to make sure don’t miss anything.  I will be able to check in on you, see how you are progressing. 


The community is so strong in The Agency, we lean on each other and offer support and advice. We have monthly Q&As to bounce around ideas and get together in person twice per year to blow off steam.





 *The Agency Opens,

27th Feb- 5th Mar*

Orientation begins 27th March


* Introduction Month *

* First 1:1 Call *


Yearly & content planning and marketing reports



Branding guidelines, imagery & messaging



Content pillars, different platforms and repurposing

*1st In Person Day*


Email Marketing

Newsletters, copywriting & reporting


* Consistency Challenge Month *



Lead magnets, tripwires and nurture sequences


* Rest Month *



Press packs, relationship building and pitching



Leads lists, stats and outreach tracking



Improving website, site mapping and blogging

*2nd In Person Day*


Paid For Ads

Setting up your audience, lookalike audiences and testing


* End of Modules *

* Guided Launch*



I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of The Agency. Everything from the monthly lessons to the super supportive Facebook group. But mostly I have loved having Inge in my corner. Her Instagram Marketing knowledge is next to none and I’ve seen amazing changes within my social media. (The content calendars are a god send!) But mostly I’ve seen a change in myself and how I feel about my business. It’s not something I’m shy about getting excited about and my confidence in it has soared - that’s all thanks to having Inge’s wisdom & incredible support.

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 18.23.19.png


Instead of wasting an average of 3 years finding your feet and spending money where you don’t need to and failing where you could have avoided mistakes; instead learn how to do it right from the beginning. The nature of The Agency means you will be learning a multi disciplined approach and will be supported to achieve exponential start up growth.

Business Meeting

Who is The Agency for?

The Agency is a comprehensive programme and you need to be ready to step into the driving seat of your business. You will be an ambitious, driven and ready to make changes.

The Agency isn't built for one specific type of business or industry and instead focuses on implementing various marketing principles that are applicable to all businesses.

The thing that binds The Agency students together is their desire to challenge themselves and  succeed. You could be a one man band, have a small team or run a few business sites. Read below for my approach to each business type.


A salesperson handing a bag to a shopper

You have been going for a few years and perhaps have a small team and you have found a reasonable way of generating income but you would like to experiment with growing your revenue and your business with my support and guidance to try and incorporate a few more digital marketing disciplines into your business.


Team Meeting

Perhaps you have been working with a marketing agency or you have been trying to manage your digital marketing all by yourself. The Agency will step in to educate yourself and a small team to be able to bring your marketing in house and establish your own marketing department within

the business.


(worth over £5200 per month)










2x Digital Co-working sessions every week to work on your implementation and purposefully dedicate time to working on your business rather than in your business (worth £1440)

Q+A session every month to come together as a hive mind and ask questions (worth £360)


Check ins on your business and my teams eyes on your marketing activity at key points throughout the year. (worth £160)


A buddy up and accountability system to team you up with another business owner who compliments your working style and industry

Slack group to turn to for advice and support



2x guided launches to launch product ranges or new services because launching is better done when you’re well supported (worth £1800)



Strategic content calendars that purposefully walk you through what to say in your content every day of the year so you’re never left without

an idea (worth £891)


A dedicated life coach to support you on your path to success to ensure you don't get in your own way (worth £280)

There are always going to be tech issues to work through so I have dedicated tech support for you to lean on (worth £280)

Unlimited access to a vault of learnings to complementing your progress that cover all things from confidence to photography skills to legal advice. All designed to be there when you need them (worth £1200)


A recent study found that people spend on average 2 hours per day procrastinating.

People procrastinate when they don’t have a clear goal to work towards or they have a fear of failure. The Agency is proven to work and supports you to minimise risk and eliminate failure helping you to procrastinate less and implement more

I've got some bonuses for those action takers!

(book before the dates below and you'll get extra!)

I want to reward the action takers!

Quarterly planning sessions to set out the quarter, set intentions and strategically map out your marketing Worth £396

Marketing audit of your business including suggestions on how to move forwards to get going with changes straight away Worth £350








As you can tell; this is a highly supported programme and I want to ensure that I can provide you with as much support as I can. There are 2 tiers in The Agency;



  • All of the training

  • All of the group sessions

  • Personalised 1:1 accountability workspace

  • All of the resources

  • The Agency planner and copies of my 90 Day Content Planner

  • The community Slack group

  • Accountability buddies

  • 2x in person networking and business development days

  • Monthly checking in emails

  • Live Group sessions with the life coach once per month

  • Tech clinic once per month with the tech support 


  • All of the training

  • All of the group sessions

  • Personalised 1:1 accountability workspace

  • All of the resources

  • The Agency planner and copies of my 90 Day Content Planner

  • The community Slack group

  • Accountability buddies

  • 2x in person networking and business development days

  • Monthly checking in emails

  • Live Group sessions with the life coach once per month

  • Tech clinic once per month with the tech support 

  • 1x 1:1 hours with the life coach (worth £315)

  • 1x 1:1 hours with tech support (worth £270)

  • 6 x 1:1 hours with me! (worth £3000)

Subject To Change For The Next Intake


£197 p/m x12

or £169 p/m x14


£333 p/m x12

or £286 p/m x14

Let me know if you have any questions. Drop me an email or come and find me on Instagram and drop me a DM. I'd love to hear your thoughts and discuss anything with you.

Ask other people who have done it before. Come and ask me for the contact details of my alumni or ask around. I'm so proud of their achievements and I'm sure they'd love to talk it through with you.

Look through my Instagram posts. I've been sharing loads of information about it and I'll be live in Instagram this week to talk it through and answer any questions

Ask yourself where you want to be next year and if you think this programme will help you get there.

Still not sure?

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