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From a young age, my passion for business was evident. Overcoming personal challenges, including homelessness at 17, I embarked on various entrepreneurial ventures. My journey is a testament to resilience and innovation, culminating in a diverse portfolio of successful businesses.

My commitment to my business dreams has driven me to make significant sacrifices, from foregoing social activities to prioritizing networking events. This relentless dedication has shaped my journey.


My journey has been anything but conventional. The story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the belief that no dream is too big if you’re willing to hustle for it.

The Beginning: Cocktails and Challenges

Picture this: a 17-year-old girl, homeless on the streets of Cambridge, surviving on just £4 a week. The bus to college cost £3.20 a day, so I had to get creative. That’s where my journey began—with a cocktail shaker and a determination to change my circumstances. I started selling cocktails to people outside nightclubs. This wasn’t just a means of survival; it was my first taste of entrepreneurship.

Those early days were a whirlwind of mixing drinks and making connections. I learned that business isn’t just about transactions; it’s about understanding people, meeting their needs, and creating experiences that stand out.

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Building a Mobile Empire

At 18, I transformed my street cocktail venture into a mobile bar. I attended events, parties, and gatherings, serving up drinks and learning the ropes of event management. This phase taught me the importance of adaptability—how to thrive in different environments and cater to diverse audiences.


While juggling my mobile bar business, I pursued a degree in business and marketing at university. This period was a masterclass in time management and resilience, especially when I became a mother. Balancing lectures, business operations, and motherhood was no small feat, but it shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today.

From Weddings to Consultancy

As my family grew, so did my ambitions. I transitioned my business into a wedding planning company, offering bespoke services to couples looking to create unforgettable moments. However, a pivotal moment came when I received a call from a client about wedding décor while in the hospital for a planned caesarean. That’s when I realised I wanted to shift my focus from helping the wealthy spend their money to helping others achieve financial freedom and business success.


Armed with my degree and nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience, I moved into business consultancy and social media marketing. Over five years, I supported thousands of small businesses, doubling my turnover each year. I loved working with startups and small businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of marketing and growth.


Enter Clue Content

The digital landscape was evolving rapidly, and I saw an opportunity to revolutionise how businesses approached content creation. That’s when Clue Content was born. We create three months of high-quality content in just three days, combining strategic planning, creative execution, and advanced technologies. Our approach ensures that small businesses can compete with larger corporations without being priced out.

At Clue Content, we start with an in-depth session to understand our clients' core messaging, purpose, and strategy. We brainstorm together to create a comprehensive three-month content plan tailored to their unique brand, needs, and activities. Over two days of filming, we capture all the videos and photos needed to bring this plan to life. The result is a full set of strategic content assets delivered every month, including videos, graphics, and photos that are continually refined based on data analysis.

Embracing Innovation

As I delved deeper into digital marketing, I realised the industry was saturated with outdated approaches. The rapid pace of technological advancements highlighted a significant gap—one that I aimed to fill with Clue Content.


We’re at the forefront of developing predictive marketing technologies, using AI and machine learning to deliver personalised and effective marketing strategies. Our innovative approach caught the attention of Innovate UK, positioning Clue Content as a leader in transforming digital marketing.


Beyond Business

Outside of my professional endeavours, I’m a proud mother, an avid reader, and a kayaking hobbiest. I find joy in balancing my business pursuits with family time and personal hobbies.


Whether I’m reading a captivating book, paddling down a river, or enjoying a glass of good whisky, I believe in living life to the fullest.

Stay tuned for the next chapters of my

My journey has been shaped by passion, education, and a deep understanding of human behaviour. Each experience, failure, and success has contributed to where I am today, enabling me to help other businesses thrive.

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