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Who is your competition within your industry?

Instagram is one of the busiest platforms and is constantly growing, with over 1.3 million daily active global users. It is the best place to start a business page as it is the easiest and most engaging platform to target the right consumers and raise more awareness for your business.

Establishing who your competition is within your industry will help discover more marketing strategies as it will enable you to produce content and posts that work right for you. The technique called ‘Unicorn content’ is the best algorithm proof strategy to apply when figuring out who the competition is. Now the unicorn content is an easy concept to grasp but has to be done accurately to ensure successful and regular sales. Unicorn content is when you see who is doing well within the industry and who’s posts on instagram seem to be getting the most engagement and why.

First of all, you have to thoroughly go through instagram and see what accounts are similar to yours. For example my Instagram is based on marketing strategy so I would find accounts that offer similar services within the industry, such as business strategists. Have a look at their content and look at what seems to be working well for them. What is getting the most engagement? What seems to be receiving the most attention? Could you apply this within your instagram?

Once you take advantage of observing what content works best for other similar businesses, you can apply this to your own content to develop posts on your instagram. Do not copy other instagram posts, make sure it is personalised and in line with what impression you want your instagram to give. If you find out what is performing best, you can re use that method or technique and repurpose it. This could be doing a specific type of reel which you can see is gaining more likes or comments. It could be a post on a specific product of yours which you can then align with your sales and see how it is performing.

You have to establish the traffic drivers within the industry. With consistent engagement and regular content, you can strategically stay on top of your competition. Although every instagram age is different, you have to be aware of who you may be losing consumers with. Figure out what works for your business. Compare your statistics and see what you can possibly improve or do more off to enhance sales.

To find out more on how to develop your instagram page to make sure you are producing and performing the right content, head over to my instagram, Inge.Hunter to find out more information.

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