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How Do You Get Noticed by A Celebrity On Instagram

Getting noticed by a celebrity on Instagram can help you do one of two things. Either it can help you elevate your business with the connection with the celebrity or it can be something that you personally want to achieve because it is a goal of yours to hit that target. Whatever your reason for wanting to get noticed by a celebrity on Instagram here are my seven steps towards achieving that.

Step 1 - Why do you want this to happen

The first step towards getting noticed by a celebrity on Instagram is to set your intentions. What is it that you want from this relationship? What do you want to achieve from this? Do you have a purpose for this and what is your intentions? What is it that you want from this relationship? What do you want to achieve by getting noticed? Do you have a purpose for this and what is that purpose?

The first step is always to understand why because once you have figured this out it helps everything else fall into place and when you feel like you are wavering on your goal or when you feel like you are not achieving your goal you can reconnect again with why you are doing it and so this helps you to achieve your goal.

Step 2 - Follow them and close friend them

Obviously if you want to get noticed by a celebrity on instagram you must follow them so you can see their posts, stories and what they are up to. Another thing you can do is to add them to your close friends list as by doing so their content will be prioritised in your feed and their stories will come up first so that you can be very in touch with what is going on with them. Having a close friends list of people who you are following that you want to develop and Instagram relationship with can help you get there quicker because it helps you concentrate your focus on these particular people.

Step 3 - Remember they are a person

Before you start to comment or send DM’s or watch their stories to start to build a relationship with them you must remember they are just a person. Often in life we can idolise celebrities and create an unobtainable person in our minds but by remembering in our minds that they are just a person and you are just a person you will find it easier to get noticed by them because you won’t be putting them on a pedestal or being inauthentic in the way that you try to get noticed by them so remember that they are just a person…. just like you.

Step 4 - Comment and like their posts

Now you are in the mindset that this celebrity is just person, go ahead and comment and like on the posts that they share. Do this authentically, do it as they post and really read what they are writing and comment with a full and proper conversation starter to make yourself stand out amongst the noise of emoji’s and quick fire responses. If you engage with them in an honest, authentic and full way you will get noticed by them a lot quicker.

Step 5 - Watch their stories and comment on them

Again, remember that they are a person and try to get noticed by them in a normal and authentic way. So, watch their stories regularly, comment when you can, engage with their polls or questions when you can and send quick emoji reactions to things that you enjoy watching. The cool thing about Instagram stories is that the comment and emoji reactions end up in their DM’s which is a better place to foster a relationship with a celebrity because it is a slightly more exclusive, private and one on one area. You can also continue this engagement on their stories by following up your comments with DM’s and general nice and normal chatter. I must say though, please DO NOT stalk these people or become obsessed with the celebrities or leave worryingly increasingly pushy comments and DM’s because you want to keep this as normal, authentic and person to person as possible.

Step 6 - Consistency

Keep this up. Remember that a quick message won’t do anything. The key to getting noticed is a consistent presence. Give yourself a long lead time and target in which to get noticed by this celebrity and keep it up. Regularly comment on their posts, regularly engage with their stories, drop DM’s here and there and after a time you should see that you start to get more engagement back as they begin to notice you more.

Step 7 - You can follow and engage with their following

Spend some time looking into their following, who they are being influence by and who they are regularly engaging with. See if there are any places here that you can also engage with the people that they are following to give yourself a more holistic view of how to get noticed by this celebrity.

It may be a goal of yours to get noticed by a celebrity but remember that all of these points can also help you get noticed by people in your industry and potential clients and customers so having a general engagement strategy can help in more way than just getting noticed by a celebrity and can help you by developing your business, increasing your client circle and generally increasing your online network connections.

Inge x


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