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Creating your digital marketing blueprint

Be as visible as possible in as many places as possible. If you focus and choose one main channel for your marketing it can help. Think about how other disciples feed into that main channel.

Here's a step guide on how to go about it:

1- Get a piece of paper or whiteboard, whatever you prefer.

2- Put your main channel in the middle, (or me instagram) Make sures it is somewhere your people will mainly be. Ie don't say twitter if your sales and everyone who buys from you uses instagram more.

3- Think about Digital marketing disciples that you enjoy or would like to learn about. Here's a list of the main ones:

> Organic social media- posting and interacting on social media platforms to grow your business and make new connections. The platform that you use is important. You could do all of them but you'll find a better roi on a platform that already attracts your ideal client.

> Paid social media- Facebook, youtube, instagram, linkedIn tiktok ADs etc. Anything that you pay for which makes your ad pop up on social media channels. To get a good roi it needs to be targeted and tested time and time again.

> SEO- Getting on that google page 1 can be invaluable for your business. This helps attract people who are intentionally browsing for what you do. It doesn't happen very quickly and is more of a long term game plan but once it works it works really well.

> PR- You can either pay features in your favourite publications or work on building an organic PR presence. PR helps to establish you as the go to expert in your field and can put you in front of thousands of people at once.

> Networking- Building relationships and referrals can be invaluable to business growth. Make sure you are building connections with collaborative businesses to yours and are continuing to strengthen those relationships over time.

> Influencer marketing- Get yourself in front of thousands of your ideal clients by working with an influencer. They will help recommend and promote your business to their audience.

> Moral of story… If you wanna grow your business you have to focus on your marketing. There is no business growth without marketing. These days it's not enough to focus on word of mouth and networking.

4- Start to mind map out from the main channel and choose 2 more disciples that compliment it or that you would like to work on. This will help decide what needs working on.

5- Carry on mind mapping with a third layer of other disciples.

6- Make sure you mark next to each disciple whether you need the following: Complete it yourself, Learn more about it or to outsource or keep in.

Growing your instagram and working on your digital marketing will help you manage your ideal clients and therefore you will know who exactly you can target with your business. Make sure you follow the link to my Huddle instagram to help expand your knowledge on digital marketing.

Inge x


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