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Bringing Woo to the business Table.

Episode 12- Victoria Dioh 'The reality of bringing woo to the business table'

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I wanted to bring you in Victoria because you're fun and just phenomenal. I remember seeing you walk into a room and we're gonna get into all the subjects but the power around you, I was like, I need to get to know that person. Because she's amazing. Like you bring energy into a room. I'm gonna give a really, really poor explanation of what you do, because I know that you're alright, here we go. I don't like to say words, like it's kind of a generic business term that people use to explain who I guess a little bit more intuitively. You are not just like, intuitive that I feel like there's levels. There's that kind of Instagram, like, kind of waving a sage stick. Like I'm really connected with my inner being. And then there's this full on African Oracle, incredible woman that you can feel the power radiating off. And I've always been intrigued by kinds of energies and things, but you kind of actively bring that stuff to business, which I think is quite unique. Give us an explanation of what you do with businesses, in your own words.

So first and foremost, I'm gonna say that the admiration is very much mutual, because if you know what I'm like, when I see you, I will literally wrap you up into a little bundle and just put you underneath my arm. Yeah, cuz I think you're amazing as well. And I think it takes one to know one. So what do I do? So yes, I am an African Oracle, I believe that there are different levels of healers or intuitive people, because I believe that there's people who really want to connect to their intuition and want to make it into a business. And then there are people who were put on this earth to do that. Now, here's the thing. I know that if I am not healing, that's the day I die. I know that I have acknowledged that it's not something that I wanted or needed. Well, it's not something I wanted. It may have been something I needed. So I've embraced that. Because when I didn't I lost everything. I went from six figures to losing everything to literally almost being homeless. So I don't take it lightly. So I guess when people see me and they see the energy, that is an embodiment of what I'm here to do. So to just monitor I'm fat, can you keep going? So that was the first of the answers. So what do I do? So I help on Happy professionals to manifest happiness. And when I say Happy professionals, it's people either who work for or who own a business. And I do that using food, words and energy. So I use food as energy to heal them. And that is also the vehicle for making sure that everybody connects to their intuition.

Because I believe that you have the logic, which is where most people fit because of the conditioning that we've been given from the moment you're born to the person who pulls you out of your mom, to the person who looks after you brings you up, whatever the dynamics of your upbringing are, and also the sobriety of where you're at, you are conditioned to logically, that is your thinking, however, you have your higher self, you have the gut feeling, you have the what they say, they say Hindsight is a great teacher, that whole thing of I knew it, I knew I should have done X, Y, and Zed, and yet, nine times out of 10, we ignore it. And businesses, around 78% of businesses have proven that when they use their intuition, they attract more like minded clients, they make more money, they're more sustainable. And they relate more to their clients and to their staff. So it's all in connection with happiness. And that's what I do. I don't believe I'm woowoo I just believe that I'm the logical interpreter, to bring them what already is what already exists. When we say we will, it's almost as if it's a mystery. It's not the mystery is all within us. And that's why when you see me you feel a connection. And when I see UFC a connection, or it could be vice versa.

I've got so many questions. Let's do this. So I guess there's a question around like that word, whoa, and why do you think it exists? What people's perception of what you do versus what you actually do? And your story? Like at what point did you just suddenly decide to embrace that because we're not grown up in a society where it's really embraced that kind of connection to your gut feeling, your intuition and stuff, like really encouraging of it. But I guess, if you go to school, the study of justice is all that kind of stuff. It's all systems set up to be very logical. How did you find that going against, quote, unquote, logic?

I didn't go against that. I fought very hard to stay in the logical plane of life. Because I was brought up by two African parents, who told me that you need to study to get what you want. You need to study to be successful. And being a success wasn't an option. It was literally guaranteed. So you work hard, you know, you become a doctor, and then they realise I was crap at science. So I said, Okay, so you can be a lawyer. And then they realise that I didn't have the patience for that. And then one day, I came in and said, Hey, I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be a project manager and my parents, what the hell's that? And I was like, oh, it's about planning and projects and stuff. And, and literally, the reason why I went into project management was because I could boss people around. I'm very bossy, I love it. I love delegating. And I just hit my zone of genius there. And it made me a lot of money very early on. So by the time I was 27, I was on six big six figures plus, and I was traveling around the world, I was travelling first class business class, I literally was living, what some people now are fighting to achieve. I already had that.

So life was great. So I didn't need anything. So if anybody came to me saying to me, Oh, by the way, I'm trying to promote this idea where you can make more money, I already have the money. So there was no incentive for me to do anything else. I found the solution, the ingredients that worked for me. And then one day I, over a period of time, I realised that something was missing. And it was an annex, it would come when I would either be leaving a pub or walk into a pub. And even though I was with a lot of people, I still felt very lonely. I felt very isolated. And it really started to worry me because I had money in the bank. I was out of the country all the time. And yet, I wasn't what I would say completely fulfilled. And it's starting to scare me because I didn't know who to tend to I was I wasn't used to being vulnerable.

So like now where I'll go online and talk about my life, I never used to do that before. I used to keep myself to myself. And then one day I spoke to someone who I said, Look, I think I may be depressed, I think that's the only thing I could come up with. I was like, Maybe I'm depressed, I'm not even realising it. And she looked at me and said, You're not depressed, but you need to go and see someone. And she recommended me to somebody who identified that I had the emergence of what you're seeing now. And I hadn't tuned into it. So I predicted a number of stuff. And I'd had that effect on people where people would see me down the street, and just that following me, oh, I would manifest whatever I wanted, without any hassle at all. And I never questioned it, because I just thought, well, if you're gonna give me 100 grand, or you're gonna put me on a business class for no particular reason, or you know, or you're going to, it was just the norm for me like, it could happen. And this and this guy said, No, there is a gift that you need to nourish. And I said, No, thank you. And his words, were you doing? No, you can't choose this. And I went, watch me. And I went back to my corporate world and carried on working and earning even more money.

And eight years later, I literally had the rug pulled over me, I always relate my life to the film. Like, Oh, It's a Wonderful Life. Have you ever watched a wonderful life. There is a there's a guy, there was Jim Stewart. And he lives a life where he's not very happy with his life. And then the angel shows him what life would be like without him minutes later. So it shows his wife, his children, or lack of children, and his wife never got married. And that's what my life became, my life literally existed without me in it, the phone calls stopped. And I went from six figures. And it took two years for me to hit zero in my bank account. And everybody who saw me, not everybody, but there were certain people who would walk past me in my local town, I live in Enfield. They would stop and say to me until you surrender your purpose, nothing's going to change. And I didn't know what my purpose was, I'd never heard of purpose before. So I literally just cried a lot, because I was so scared. And I was like, What am I gonna do? And it was my pride as well, you know, I was this affluent woman. And all of a sudden, I couldn't afford to get on a flight to go anywhere. I couldn't afford food in the supermarket. When I remember going to add there and having to choose between food and, and shower gel. And it was just weird. It was it was almost like an attaboy do exist. Experience. So then it was like, okay, these people are saying there's a purpose. And I've been sent a lot of teachers around the same time, a lot of people connected me with people who could help me. And people started coming to me going, can you heal me for this? Can you heal me for that? And I didn't know I could heal, and yet I would touch them and did get healed. So, so I found that as a way to make money, because I was like, Well, if you're gonna pay me X amount to do that, then I'll do it. What I do works for you, and you're prepared to pay me for it. Fine. I'll do it. So it was almost like bits of desperation.

And then, gradually, the world just started to open the more I healed, the more opportunities came. The more I surrendered to the fact that yes, okay, you have been given a gift. And it's not yours. That's another thing as well. It's not yours. It's a gift that's been given to you from above, or you believe in God, whether you call it the universe, it is not yours. It is given to you and you need to use it responsibly. Once I started to acknowledge that everything else started to open up and I went from being close to homeless, this one might manifest in a 3 million pound home the next day, to being given 200 grand walk after walking into a hotel and being there for about 15 minutes to you know, to literally just let's have a look at the incredible thing that you can ask me about and I just started to just sit with myself and go okay, people are trusting you people are giving you their lives, you know, to help and in some cases, their families and how do you want to show up and I was already my authentic self self anyway, but I just needed to connect myself and ground myself from being this rushing around woman to just literally, it's almost like just finding you're finding the pots the right pot, you know, like everybody's got a favourite pot that they cook with in the kitchen. It was like finding that right pot and just sitting down going, Okay, this is me. And then everything else has just evolved effortlessly.

Do you find yourself sometimes going back to pushing against it and not working? Or are you totally just surrendered to the vessel illness have you never, never pushed against it ever since.

So here's my pain. It hurts so much to have taken everything away from me. And I love an abundant life. And I I love the finer things in life. And whatever message I receive, I treat it very seriously. I don't go against it. Because I'm like, listen, it's not even worth going back to where I was before where I lost everything. So if you need so I'll go to bed at night. And I'll say, Dear God, I'm a Christian, I believe that God gave me his power. I say to him, wherever you need me to go, just let me know. And I'll be there. So I used to have a food business. I used to make pepper sauces. And it did very well. And we're even thinking of possibly going on Dragon's Den. And I got the message to close it down. It was like, close it down and focus on your healing. And I cried and then went, you know what, I'll do what you need me to do? Yeah, I'll do what you need me to do in that time. Even though I've closed my business. My food is one of the few businesses my sauces are still one of the few sources that have been accredited as the ones that don't need preservatives in the market. They're not even for sale. But they've just got a certification. So life, you don't I mean, like life just is like it's not. I don't need to make an effort to do stuff. I need to work hard. I don't need to push against them. And you ask the question actually about woo woo. Woo is my teacher that's flitcroft says something he says it was sometimes people use words when they have them when they don't know what words to use. Yeah. And the whole woowoo aspect came from it was like a mockery. It was a mockery of spookiness. So it's like, we don't know what this is that we'll just call it woowoo. And people lean into it, because they like the mystery.

I believe that when you believe that there's a mystery, that's your ego talking, it's almost like oh my god, there's this incredible secret, I don't believe there's a secret, you have a life. And what you make of your life is, and you either connect to your higher self or you don't. And it's a choice, that if you connect to your intuition, then you get open to more possibilities. And that's why you get entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, the guy that owns Nike, and so much more, listen to what they say they all connected their intuition and their attribute that to their success.

Yes. And they're all kind of a bit like, the idea came to me or they've all got it. And people still fight against it. And it's funny, because it's the people that work underneath them, or a few steps below of stuff, they're so caught up in the grind. And this is what happened, it's that whole thing of trying to impress them. Meanwhile, they've got to the level where they're like, I've realised now that that's just what they're saying that I've realised, now that you know what I cannot, my logic will only take you so far. So I was talking to a client today, and I said to her, be yourself, you have to acknowledge what makes you different. Logic assumes that you're all the same, your intuition will push you outside the box to give you something different. So I spent a lot of time with Tony Robbins and his community and stuff. And if you hear Tony's story, he talks a lot about his voice. There is no logic, that somebody who was paid for eight is now six foot seven. There's no logic that somebody whose voice had no impact whatsoever. He's now sort of a genius. He doesn't, it doesn't produce anything he'll tell you. He says, I take other people's content, and I use my voice and I give it to you. And because of that, you listen, you pay attention more and you absorb it more. There's no yeah, there's not there's no logic. There isn't any logic.

And this is what this is what I say to people, I've launched a programme and I say to people, if it makes sense, you don't want it. You don't want something that makes sense. You want something you want something that literally has no logic whatsoever and then you know that you're in your, your genius and stuff because when it makes sense, then it has done it.

It almost it loses its energy? Its energy, you want something that you go, wow, I didn't think of that. But that is just absolutely mind blowing. And that only comes from here. Not from here.

So when people push against it, because I guess you have to have some element of confidence or like self belief or some past proof that your gut, like it's right to follow your gut.

I think business owners in particular, are quite well, maybe both are quite good at following up, but equally, maybe push against, like, you must see people and you just want to like, shake them.

I've just had one of those conversations today. So here's the thing. So because I'm highly intuitive, I pick up a lot. I see a lot. So I do see when I look at people, I go, Oh my God, if you could just see it. And then sometimes you'll spell it out to them, and they still don't get it. And a lot of that is down to fear. But here's the thing. In life, you have your highest self, and you also have your ego. And your ego does not want you to succeed at all. So anybody who tells you I'm saying that, Oh my God, I don't have an ego. They don't know what they're talking about. We all do we have an ego, we have we have our highest self, your ego will always remind you of maybe a feeling that you had as a child, or of a pattern that you've followed throughout your life. It will make you feel scared, it will make you question yourself, meanwhile, your higher self is just going. And this is the thing. There are no mistakes in life. You can't make a mistake, here's the thing. You will when people say, Oh my God, you know, I don't want to make a mistake. What they're saying is they don't want the feeling of hurt and disappointment that a particular action can produce. And guess what? It doesn't matter what you do. You're going to learn from it. And you'll be okay. To all the mistakes you've made in your life. To all the things that have happened that haven't been favourable. You wouldn't be this incredible human being that you are right now.

Yeah. Yeah, that's true, isn't it? He's on purpose. It feels like sometimes it's on purpose. You have to go through that experience. Funnily enough, I was driving, what was your stitch like two days ago. And I purchased something I shared this with my group the other day, I purchased something earlier on this year. And it was quite expensive. And, and I, and I was, I couldn't sleep and I was like, I think I need to buy this. And then a couple of people said to me, I'm not so sure. And I feel like I have to buy it. So I did. And financially the return of interest on it. And the return on investment on it wasn't that high? If you count it financially, but then I do this thing with clients where I get them to link is that intuitive link of life? And I was like, damn, I made a fortune out of this. I was like But if you compartmentalise it and just think of it in its, you know, isolated box, it doesn't seem much when you look at where it's linked you to, and we've got you to actually, it's taking you so far away, there are no mistakes, you're being led down a route. And whether you say yes or no. If it is your journey, you will be redirected to that path again in another format, or it will disappear and come back to you later on.

That's why you get people who say, I wish I'd done this years ago and you go, No, it came two years ago, you ignored it because it wasn't your time to do it.

I have using concept actually a while back that they're all ideas are like clouds, and we can't see them, but you have them come to you. And if you're the right person for that idea, like we don't own ideas, but that sometimes we're just the vessel friend is if you're the right person, and it will come and use you but if you take an AI if you idea comes to you and you don't act on it, it will I know this is kind of a bit maybe a bit against what you said but it will then leave you to go and find someone else that will give it the life that it needs.

So that is where you take something so you are gifted something and you don't capitalise on it. So you've got kids. And then they'll have loads of aunts and uncles and family Members, you know what you're related to or not? Who will by the presents and the toys. And then after a while you walk into the house, and there's toys everywhere you go, are you gonna play with these toys or not? And they go, yeah, and then eventually they don't, and you turn around to them and say, if you don't use these toys, they're going into the garage, or they're gonna go away, and they're gonna go to a good home, right? It's the same thing. It's like, you get given something. And if you don't use that, then it will be recycled on to something else, because you haven't used it. This is why I always say to people capitalise on what you've been given. So I'll give you an example of one of my programmes. So I get a lot about my programmes, and courses and workshops, and whatever you I don't expect them. But when they happen, it's quite an interesting experience. And I got a download for this at the beginning of the year.

I wrote everything down, because I thought, Oh, my God, I'm gonna forget it. I packed everything down. And it was a full blown programme. And I remember speaking to Lisa Johnson about it, I was like, I've just come up with this programme. I don't know what to do with it. And she was like, this is a really good programme, like, you should use it. So when I was an affiliate for her, I used it as a bonus, and I tried it out. And this is all about businesses and intuition, that people who have been on this programme have made so much money and continue to make so much money. Like they can't stop manifesting, and they're freaking out because they've never manifested so much. launched it again. And it was a five Grand Cross programme. Yeah. Because I use the idea of so the idea is not gonna go to anybody else. Does that make sense?

Because I use it in the same vein, I could literally have just gone. typed it up. There it is. I'll use it one day. And then two, three years later, it's still there. Yeah, what about someone else? Because it's very disturbing to me, and it needs to be used?

Yeah, it's the same as my new business clue. Like I thought about it in January, February last year. And I actively said to myself in the spring I had to sit down and say, No, that's for someone else. I tried to push it away. And then in the summer, it came back. And I was like, let's play. And now I'm like, Oh, my God, this is gonna turn into my life.

It's not for someone else, it’s been given to you.

Do you think that business owners are more intuitive than the rest of the population?

No, I believe that everybody is intuitive. And it just depends whether you tune into it or not, I don't believe that is because of your business, that your intuitive. This thing is, when you're working for someone else, majority of the time, you, you, you almost put yourself in a box, and you focus on what work you're being asked to give. See, when when when I used to be in the corporate world, I if I hired anybody, I would say, make the job your own. And it's because I really wanted them to use their intuition rather than just follow a set of instructions and requirements and everything else. Because when you make the job your own, the flow is a lot more. So no, I don't believe that business owners have more of an intuition. However, you're always working on more ideas as a business owner, which means that you have an opportunity to tap in to that intuition, maybe a bit more.

A lot of the time they ignore a lot of those ideas, or they think of ideas. They choose ideas that align with them. But here's the thing, if it's an idea whether it seems to align with you or not, it's yours. And you need to nurture it's like when you're seasoning chicken or meat or what have you. You need to spice it up and let it marinate. You can't just go oh, I'm just gonna start cooking you because then you. Yeah, exactly. You get to taste this chicken. So here's another thing as well. Business owners need to realise that they are here to serve, and that their purpose that their business has nothing to do with them. When you acknowledge that then you're on gold, like people think that the business is all about them. And it's like it has nothing to do with you loving at all, like you are literally a vehicle to make that service work. Yeah, that's what it is. You're the face of that service. And as soon as you start thinking it's about you, that's when you fall flat on your face.

This is so true. It's so true. And I think sometimes that is why I connect with that a lot. And I think that that's sometimes why maybe I overwork it because I feel so responsible for providing rather than It's like, all right. I don't know. Just overkill. But yeah, it's a balance as well.

Because a lot of heart centred business owners come to me and I say, if you're not around, there's no business. So you see me, what is true? It's a choice, it's a choice of, you need to look after yourself, you know, you've put the mask on. Yeah, now you can help everybody else. But if you've got the mask off, and no matter how amazing your services, which is incredible, you know, you're not doing anybody else's services, you also showing up and being the best version of you that you can possibly be.

The look you're giving me? So what can we do you like practically? Because like, wow, I really get everything that you're saying. I think I've have the kind of benefit of growing up with a mother in law, who is also very intuitively aligned. So like conversations on a Sunday around the dinner table are all about whatever she's feeling, or thought or written down in our meditations. And so I always have kind of been led in that direction.

But I guess if someone's listening, and they don't quite tap into it, what could they do to explore it a little bit more? If they're feeling like it's something they might like to incorporate?

The first thing is around gratitude. And it's funny because I did a challenge the other day, and one of the instructions was, give thanks for your business. Give thanks for your business when you wake up in the morning. So this is what I do. I say thank you. For my life. I say thank you to my friends, my family and everything else. And then I say thank you for my business. And someone said, Oh my God, I've never given thanks for my business. I'm like, so if you don't give if you again, if you have a child, and that child's that say thank you to a gift that you've given it, what do you do? If you don't say thank you? I'm taking it away?

So you may have somebody who has a phenomenal business, but because they're not ingratitude. That business starts to plunder as the ego, My God, why? Because energetically, there's nothing there, you need a business that has got a high vibration. So simply by just giving thanks for your business is a huge turnaround.

And so if we want to dip our toe into the deeper pool, like gratitude. And maybe like, a bit of meditation, but if we want to go like, deep into a big manifestation kitchen was the furthest thing, like the most kind of intuitive thing that somebody could do for their business?

Most complex thing I do is working with business owners to understand how they sabotage themselves and their businesses.

That's like my biggest point is offering when you work with me for a year, and we'll cover sort of like the whole elements of how and why you sabotage our work that we identify within days, and then the rest of it is supporting you through that.

Through food, words and energy.

So just to give you an example, I have a client in Canada, and he's done two years with me. So he's done the medium piece of work with me. And then he's done the deep, deep piece of work with me. And we've just managed to bring him a quarter of a million dollars into his business, just by understanding how he sabotages himself but also allowing him to connect to the frequency where he can manifest whatever he wants, and he's manifested a lot.

Bring me down to food, words and energy. What do you mean by that?

So Oh, food is my job. My zone of genius is food. It's close down, it doesn't exist, but we've just got the lubrication and stuff but yeah, I used to have a company called beats kitchen. If you go to my Instagram page Victoria Dioh and you scroll down you'll get to see my brand and everything and stuff. So yeah, so food is my genius. And what I know for sure is that how you eat and who cooks for you, who you allow to cook for you, and also what you feed your suppliers and also your customers matters. So for example, if you're having a meeting, and you ordered food, say from Domino's example, you don't know who's making those pizzas? That thing you don't know if the person who's making Domino's is doing it because they love their job or because it's the only job they can have. You don't know what argument they had at home, you don't know whether they enjoy the job or not. So guess what, when they're making your food, all the vibrations going into the food, which means that by turning hits your plates and stuff, then more than likely you're going to be lethargic, you're going to be lack of focus, and that could create more conflict in the meeting.

I can get a Yeah, I get you. Yeah. So between some of the like, small restaurant Michelin really? Food focus chefs, nurses like you are Yeah, Domino's.

So I have a premise where I say, bring your own food. So you encourage people to bring their own food, cook their own food. And that way, when they bring their own foods to the meeting, then they're eating from a very high vibrational space. That's just one example. Okay, what I used to do, especially when I did work in the States, is I would go, I would go to people's homes, and I would either cook for them or be there and show them what to cook. So just being get, give them my energy, and then they will cook in my energy, and then the food will taste better. So there's the element of food words are me speaking like this. So when I speak, the impact of my words goes further than just the words that are being said. And that itself is a healing process. And then energy, it's using energy or prana, as my Pranic Healing family will say, to actually connect to you non touch, but connect you with the energy to heal you.

I feel that to you that that is a general, that is a general consensus when I speak to people is oh my goodness, I could speak to you forever. And initially. So when I used to push against it, I was like, you just know. And then now I embody it because now I see what happens. And and and it does have an effect. And it's like yeah, because that's the gift. The healing isn't just from the programmes or anything else. It's just, it's literally, you know, speaking like this, the vibration of my voice goes further than the questions I've been asked.

So how do you then protect your own energy, so that you're not giving too much,

I do a lot of work. So luckily, I am part of the community, the Institute of pranic healing in the UK and Ireland. And that's a whole different story. But in the pranic healing community, there are eight masters in the universe who have been anointed. And I never knew about them. And this is where I talk about, you never know which way you're going to turn if something is meant for you. It is meant for you. So I said I'm gonna take a bit back. So around 2018 I took a job. And it was a job in Coventry, which is miles away from where I live. So it's like a 180 mile journey. And it was a junior role, but it was still paying me good money. And it was the first job I've taken since I disappeared from my life. And in all logic, you turn around and go. I'm not taking the job because one is too Junior, too. We're miles away from home. And I manifested the car because I had to sell my brand new car. I manifested the car so I had a car to take me there and back.

That job allowed me to save money to finish off the suite of courses that Tony Robbins had saved for me for three years. Tony doesn't save anybody's tickets for three years. It's a year and a half and then it disappears. And his office kept on ringing me saying we're keeping your tickets. We're keeping your tickets and at the time I was like, freaking out I was like I'm never gonna be able to afford to do all these courses cuz I bought the courses when I had a job and life was ruined the galleys offered to me. We're gonna send you to Tenerife, you'll do life and Wealth Mastery. And then we'll send you to know we'll send you to Amsterdam first business mastery send you to Tenerife life and Wealth Mastery. And I was like, Sure, find a problem. So I do tend to I do Amsterdam first. And in that moment, whilst I was there, I remember bumping into a woman who did food and at the time, I had my food business. And I was so excited to meet her. You're amazing. And she, in my opinion, was really cold. And she was nice, she was polite, but she wasn't warm. And I remember walking away going out talking to this woman, like, I'll never speak to her again. And it doesn't matter. Like I was I was, so I was like, You know what, it's okay, no problem. I thought it was really cold. But it's okay, I got I got it. It's not a big deal.

I go to Amsterdam, I go to Tenerife. And by this time, my sister had said to me, the work you're doing, which was the healing work that I started to embrace when there's a woman in Africa, I think, who does the same work that you do? And straightaway, I knew that this one was my Oracle. I was like, okay, so I need to find a way to get to Africa. And bearing in mind that I just managed to afford to be able to travel to do Tony's events. So this seemed like such a long way away to be able to go back to Africa to go and see this woman that I was like, I know I'm gonna get there. Yeah, at that event in Tenerife, I see a woman dancing, and she was in a trance dance. And at four o'clock in the morning, as I climb up, set a set of stairs, I've never climbed before, this woman, the same woman, if staff at a chair table, opposite a guy. And I walk up to them, and I say to the woman, I'm so sorry, I saw you before. I feel like I need to talk to you. And the husband says Sit down. And he says, Tell me your story. So I give him a long winded version of my story. And he ends with an I'm gonna go to Africa to meet my Oracle. And he starts to do their way. I'm moving my hands in and out. Yeah. And he starts to move his hands in and out. And I asked the woman, I said, What's he doing? And she smiled, she goes, scanning means nothing to me.

The man tells Lance ministers, you need to go to Africa next week. And I say to him, I will. I will, but I'll go when I've put some money in my bank account. carries on scanning. And he goes, You need to go next week. So by the time he says the third time, I think he needs to space me off. He's not listening to me. And I just need to pay attention. So he dentists rounds mean he goes, give my wife your details for the fight for you. Ah, and they buy my and they literally book my flight there and then to Africa, to go and see this woman. And throughout that journey, whilst we're in Tenerife, we had a cancer patient on site, and he would take me with him to go do healings and everyday like, come on, we're gonna go heal that patient. He never told me what to do. I didn't know what methodology he used. He told me his name meant nothing to me. Yet two years later, find out that he and his wife were two of the eight masters of pranic healing. And I interviewed master co who is Tony Robbins healer. And I come back from Africa being anointed as an African Oracle, and into master curl and master and I said to ask, I don't know what to do with the African Oracle. I don't know what to do with her. Is she a business is she not? And I didn't know what to do with the business to be fair, and he said, Go and see less. And when I went to see less realise that master curl, and the Masters Mendoza with three of the eight masters of pranic, healing,

oh, my God, and you've kind of connected with all of them really?

It Was all a coincidence. Wow. So my comment so I've always known that I'm a teacher, a spiritual teacher. And, and that's why I always say to people, if you have a coach, or a leader that doesn't have a leader for themselves, or a teacher run, because we are all students of someone, we are all we are all there's always somebody that is going to teach us more. And if you've got someone who believes that they are God, or they are BNB all or something then Do you need to run away? Because you need someone who can guide you? And that's what the pranic healing community have done for me.

Okay, so they help you preserve your energy.

So we so I'm a Hatha Yoga yogi, which means that we, we evolved through different programmes within pranic healing, and anybody can go, anybody can be part of the pranic healing community, but they believe that everybody's a healer, and you can use your hands to heal. And every day, we have, we get up, we get up about six, and we meet at seven in the morning, and we protect her energy. And we do meditations and stuff and everything else. And so I have learned how to protect my energy. I've learned how to make sure that I'm not drained. I don't use my energy to heal. Yeah, I use energy either from you know, the sun. You know what I mean? Like, I use all the air training myself. No, I don't train myself. And also, it's about also having boundaries as well. You know, it's about having Yes, but having boundaries and learning how to say no, and trusting what you feel as well, if it doesn't feel right, then it doesn't. But also I've, I've been known to say yes to something, and very happy to run and go isn't working for me, rather than cheating myself and being non integral, because here's the thing. A lot of people think about integrity being how integral you are with others, you also need to be integral with yourself. And when you're not integral to yourself, that's when you start, you know, start developing all sorts of chaos in your life. Because there's something that you're not giving yourself or honouring yourself.

It's so true. I love your response. So many people just push against it. Because you get kind of taught science is what you can see and test. But you can't see and test intuition. Or healing, like with your hands?

Although, would you argue that you can, so my teacher right now, is doing a study at King's Hospital in London. And he's actually working with a number of patients, and proving that Pranic Healing works. And that is science and stuff. And so far, he's got 100% success. And it's, last week, I met at least two or three people whose family members had worked with him. You know, so I do. But here's the thing. I think this is what the most frustrating thing is, is that we are so addicted to pain, that even when somebody comes and says to us, there is a solution. We turn our back on it. But I can't tell you how many people have turned around and said, I can help you. And people go, Yeah, Walk away. Yeah, you go, but I can help you. Yeah. And here's the thing. I have certain people in my life who I know are the best to go to for certain things. Yeah. And I attract those people. Because I believe that they are the best to go to for those certain things. I just wished that other people did for the work that I do. Yeah. Does that make sense? So egotistical, they would rather suffer than look at an alternative.

Why don't you have a podcast Victoria you have so much to share?

I guess like everything subconsciously, you look at it and go, Is it meeting its purpose? So it was called Healing the world together. And it just was good. I think it was good for my ego because I got everybody who worked with Tony there. So everybody, everybody who's on stage came to my podcast and stuff and people you know, like I had a lot of people there. I've had Lisa on the show But then I think I looked at it from a space of how do I want to heal the world? And it's really funny, you should ask me this question now. Because when I came back from America, march 2019, march 2020, I've manifested so much, I'd been flown over to America to Hawaii to going to a celebrity's home and just went there and did some healing for them and killed their food and everything else and stuff and manifested 200 grand, there's so much to happen. And I remember this guy who was a reader. And he said to me, I don't think you should write a book about this. But you need to tell people. And it's funny, because as it's been brewing, I think it's more the fact that that would be the story, those would be just chosen to talk about on the podcast, and so much more, and then decide who comes on. But it will come. I think that's another thing is when I don't rush, when I think when you rush, you're coming from a place of lack. So I don't so I don't need to rush when it's ready. When the chicken is seasoned. It'll taste good, you know? And he's just, you just need to just let it just do his thing.

How can people find you? What can we do? How can we get in touch with you?

The best way to look for me is on Instagram, at manifestation kitchen. And if you click on my bio, you've got all the instructions they're coming to my group. I've got a Facebook group, I've got a LinkedIn group that come into my group, and come and spend time with me. The one thing I'll say is make sure you answer the questions. So I'm very firstly, you have to answer the questions when you come into my group. It's only three questions, but it helps me know how I can support you. But yeah, once you come in there, then we can start having a conversation and I go like my group every day. So you get at least 15 minutes of me every day. And if I'm on a run to stuff, and I've got so much to say or something happens, then you might get the first minute. There's so much happening right now. So there's a lot of exciting stuff happening.

Thank you. Thank you. It's been an absolute honor. I love this.

To find out more about Victoria, click on the link to her instagram, Owner of Manifestation Kitchen and if you want a chat or any further questions head over to my instagram, IngeHunter!

Inge x


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