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Why is implementation important?

Marketing plans must be embedded into the key stepping stones of implementation. Without it, your target goals will remain unachievable. You need to understand how a strategic plan must be determined in order to have successful action taking place within your business. A marketing implementation guarantees a guide for a marketing team. It makes the process clear from making the plans to actually putting these plans in place.

As said by Philip Kotler, a marketing plan is a systematic process involving the assessment of marketing opportunities and resources. It will help the development of a plan for implementation and control.

If you are not doing the work then no one will know you exist. For example, if your business is on instagram and you are planning and making content but not posting it out or being consistent with this content, who is going to be wanting to work or buy from you? If you have a marketing plan, it can help differentiate your business within a market as you will have the advantage of a unique value proposition.

Statistics show that planning can help a business grow 30% faster than a company that does not deeply evaluate and develop a marketing plan. Yes a business may grow without planning, but businesses that do have proven to grow and be successful much faster. Make sure to not only be making posts and planning content, but posting them and putting them out on your page. This will help increase awareness and recognition for your business. How else can you attract clients if you are not posting and showing you exist?

Implementing involves many stages to make sure you are taking action. Firstly, you need to set realistic expectations and deconstruct these ideas and how you are going to make them work. As you go through this process you must document your implementation strategy so you can see how successful or unsuccessful you may be. You have to then optimize your workflow, to enable your marketing team to have a clear idea of how to approach each set task.

Managing your projects and jotting down your progress will help you with future marketing plans as you will have data to work on and use and evidential feedback. Regularly reviewing and measuring results will also help for future plans and to use as comparison.

Your strategy is the big picture of how you are going to deliver your objectives. The strategy is the whole plan itself, whereas the tactics are how you are going to make these plans take action. Understanding the customer journey is essential to planning an effective communications plan. The customer journey means you will know your ideal client. Knowing your ideal client will help you solidify your marketing plan as you know who and how to target them.

If you need any guidance or want to learn more on how to optimise your instagram account, head over to my instagram, Inge.hunter, to find out more.

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