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Why Did I Create The Social Method?

The Social method has quickly become my signature programme. Many people ask me ‘why do you do The Social Method, why not just do it for them?’, or they may ask ‘But The Social Method seems like such great value, wouldn’t you make more money by doing Social Media Management?’. So I thought I’d do a blog to explain why I’m passionate about The Social Method and how it began.

Over my time as a Social Media Manager I would take on many accounts ranging from small businesses, influencer, corporate and manage their content, stories, hashtags and engagement and get really good results for my clients. I tended to work on a four monthly basis as this was all that I need to get the results they wanted. Although, what was happening was that I would get the results, we would work together for four months and then when the contract ended the client would be back to where they were at the beginning. Yes, their accounts were stronger but they didn’t know how to maintain this and yes, their accounts may be generating leads but after a little while of doing it themselves this would fade away and so they would come back and not ask for more management as it is a bigger cost upfront but perhaps ask for some consultancy here and there. This was fine although I didn’t feel very aligned with it, I didn’t enjoy doing the content for businesses and them not understand how to replicate the results for themselves. I guess the extra consultancy’s were great for the bottom line figure but when you have a quick two hour session it is not long enough to continue to implement the things that you have learnt and it’s too quick to understand how Social Media works because it is a long game and it’s too intense to be able to get your head around various aspects of Social Media.

So, yes it was great to make money but I didn’t feel like I was serving my customers in the long run. I also fundamentally believe that we should be doing our own Social Media as the owners of our business. We are the ones that created our businesses and we are the ones that have the passion for our business. We are the only ones who can describe how it feels, who can talk with experience, can see into the future of what our business is and passing that responsibility over to a Social Media Manager isn’t going to get you what you need as they don’t know all of the things that you do and they don’t feel about your business in the same way that you do. You are then paying for their limited time and not for them to fall in love with your business the way that you have. So the only long game approach with your Social Media is to get into the habit of adopting it into your normal business day to day. Apart from the corporate accounts which are managed by teams of professionals these days, generally speaking people who do really well on Social Media, who have big followings and who generate lots of money and leads from their social media are doing it themselves. So I wanted to combine the element of your being included in all of your socials alongside you understanding how to do your socials and throwing into the mix of giving you all of the tools so that you don’t have to spend time researching.

And so The Social Method was created which is built around, tools, support and accountability to do your social media. I keep repeating Social Media as my method is recreated over all social media platforms. It is Instagram specific but the techniques and the theory’s and the strategy in The Social Method applies across not only all social media channels but all of your marketing because I also wanted to be able to give you tools and education that you can take with your throughout your whole business journey not just the time we were working together.

Once I had constructed the idea of The Social Method I then needed to price it. As you may know, one of my sayings is that ‘you can have my knowledge but you have to pay for my time’. Time is limited. We only have a certain amount of time but knowledge is unlimited and we can continue to gain more and more knowledge and so I am not charging you for the knowledge, I am charging you for my time. So when I devised the pricing for The Social Method I knew I wanted to aim it as people who I thought would be sceptical that Social Media would work for them, maybe small business owners who wanted to understand and invest in themselves so that they could continue long term, maybe small teams who wanted to implement it across the whole of their team but without a big cost upfront. And so I developed the three tiers of The Social Method.

The Membership - £45 per month

The gives you all of the tools and a little bit of my time every month. The tools that I have constructed for you are all built by myself and took my time to create and therefore there is a small investment every month to ensure that you can keep accessing fresh and up to date tools all of the time. In the membership you get the strategic calendars, daily Instagram Story reminders and prompts, access to my hashtag bucket, influencer takeovers one a month to learn from others and a monthly masterclass which goes over how to continue what you are doing with instagram outside of instagram to enhance the affects of what you are doing with The Social Method.

But I also knew then that some people may invest in all of the tools but perhaps may not implement them. We are great at buying things that we don’t use! I bet you have things in your wardrobe that you don’t ever wear…… am I right?! And so, I know that there are people who need a little more support and accountability. And I’ll be honest, the consistency of implementing the tools will make a huge difference and so I wanted to ensure that people were going away from The Social Method having had a really good go at it and so I developed….

The Community - £97 per month

This includes everything in the membership tier and also two accountability calls every month so that we can check in together, just me and you, so we can talk about your strategy, talk about how you are implementing The Social Method into your own business and make sure you are staying on track. You also have a dedicated client portal set up with me so that whilst we are both on the go we can be in touch and you can ask questions whilst you are scheduling and we can be talking about how your business is going and making sure that you feel supported. And every month I also do two group drop in sessions. This is for everybody on top tiers of The Social Method and is for you to be able to get your questions answered in a group, to hear how other people are implementing The Social Method and to listen in on different parts of my consultancy to extract extra information from not just me but everyone else who is following the same path.

It doesn’t just stop there though. There is more that I can do. I know that I can help you implement everything in The Social Method. I know that I can help you stay on track when you don’t want to, I know that I can help you be consistent even when you are busy and I know that I can help you not just write your posts but construct your content in a professional and strategic way and so I created….

The Complete Social Method - £215 per month

For this you get a huge amount of prioritised one on one support. So that I can keep an eye on what you are doing you have two accounts, these can be any social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or two instagram accounts. These will be added into my agency scheduler so that I can keep check on what you are doing. You will also get weekly reminders and check in to do your posts and at the end of every week I will go into my scheduler and look at the posts you have in there for the following week and send my suggested edits for every single post that you have scheduled to go out. Not only does this keep you on track but it also makes sure that your posts are performing to the best of their ability, your voice is in every single post, your passion is every single post, that they are constructed with a professional eye from someone who knows what they are doing, i.e. ME!

I also, every week, send you a breakdown of which posts have performed well in the past week and which posts haven’t performed so well so that you can understand what your audience reacts to and so that you can grow your account on the success of each week moving forwards. Not only do we do this and not only do you get all of the things included in the previous tiers but you also have that added bonus of having five personalised hashtag bundles and a monthly report send to you every month. Instead of you creating your hashtags and spending time thinking about how to make your bundles, we do that for you. We create bundles that align your content with your ideal client, we create bundles that we know will gather engagement for you and we make sure that we are building on the success of those bundles every month.

It’s a lot…..right?

The Complete Method is the best way to get the most out of The Social Method but if you want a little bit more, if you have huge aspirations, if you have been watching what I’ve been doing as a business, if you’ve been looking into how I work and wondering how I manage to create my online programme and consistently sell it time and time again then I have now included an extra tier called The Social Method Elite. This is an exclusive tier which is application only for two to three businesses who want to develop their own online digital business using Instagram as their main lead generation tool. We will go through all of the steps that I use to create my business and we will inject it into yours. We will set up a launch strategy for you to be launching by November and continue your work into December to make sure that you are not only launched this year but are able to launch again next year. This package is an unbelievable £597 a month and includes extreme one on one prioritised support. We will basically not stop chatting.

If you like the sound of any of The Social Method tiers please go to and have a look through it for yourself. If you have any questions then please book in a chat and let’s go over things or if you would like to know anything else about The Social method then just send me a message and let’s get your questions answered.

The Social Method generates great results as this is not a theory based course, it is an implementation programme. No longer will you be educating yourself but you will be making the changes in your account every single day.

Inge x


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