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What is buyer behaviour?

With any product or service that a consumer comes across, there will be many factors that contribute to it in order to make the final decision as to if they will purchase it or not. This is called ‘Buyer Behaviour’. Buyer behaviour is simply what it is that is finalising a consumers choice. This could be from the convenience of the product or from how often the product or service you are selling will benefit and be available to them.

Using Instagram to build your business will help as it is also the easiest platform to communicate with customers and have that connection with them as people, not just buyers. This will help with engagement and having that level of trust, before them even processing a plan to buy from you. This encourages a connection where you can understand what it is they need.

Here are some factors that may affect a buyers behaviour:

Instagram features-

Take advantage of all the instagram features!! Promoting your business and raising awareness will increase your chances of sales. Make sure your grid is on brand and use highlights and stories to show what it is you are selling and how your business is needed by consumers. Your instagram page will be the first thing they look at, it gives the initial idea of what you do or are selling. Make sure it is clear to consumers what you do. Instagram allows you to promote in different formats as well; through posts, reels, going live or even just a story updating about new products or a restock.

What are you selling? -

Think about your product or if you are a service based business, think about the problem that your business solves. Does Your consumer need it? And how is it going to benefit them? These are questions that must be thought about when producing marketing plans as it is what the consumers will be considering.

How often can they buy from you? -

If your service requires multiple buys, such as a company selling a Planner, when the days on the planner run out, what will make sure the consumer will be back to order again?

Suiting needs- Every consumers has wants and needs. When browsing your instagram page or looking on your website, they need to be capturing their solutions to what they are wanting. For example, delivery time. If your product is having to be delivered, how quickly can it get to your customers? The delivery time can put off a client entirely as it shows insufficiency and lack of care.

How accessible YOU are? - Using Instagram will automatically make this a little bit easier for consumers to understand. This is because instagram is easy to navigate and its features can be used to raise awareness of your business. If you are frequently engaging on instagram and letting your followers know what is going on, such as a story showing a ‘Behind the scenes’ photo, it will show the consumer how dedicated you are to your business.

How do they buy from you? - This is all about convenience. Is there a payment plan or terms and conditions that may be altering a buyer's decision?

To work with me and to find out more on how strategically plan your marketing ideas, head over to my instagram, Inge Hunter.

Inge x


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