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What can your data tell you?

How will you know what is working well within your business if you aren’t tracking your results? Your results can be shown and drawn through your data being produced. On Instagram, you can see your business pages insights where you can find different types of data such as accounts reached. You can view your insights weekly or within a set period of time, you can adjust this to your own setting.

The different types of data on Instagram that your business can produce are listed below:

Accounts reached: This is my main focus. Looking at how many accounts your posts and content reaches can tell you a lot. It can help you discover what is attracting new customers or what your followers are actually looking at. Under accounts reached you can view multiple aspects of the reached audience such as how many are followers and non-followers. This can show what content attracts new followers. You can also view what town and cities, age ranges of people, the gender and top countries that your profile is being viewed by the most.

There is also broken down data of what content reach is the highest, such as if your reels are reaching more audience than your stories. You can view the reach of each content type; posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos and live videos.

Profile activity: This is the website taps, profile visits and email button taps. Website taps shows how many people have viewed your profile and then clicked on your website. Profile visits is how many people have viewed your profile on Instagram. And email button taps show how many people have gone on your email. The profile activity just shows the activity of your profile and how many people it is attracting and being viewed by.

Followers/unfollowers: this is located under total followers. This will track how many followers you gain and how many followers you have which will unfollow you. Again, looking at a specific duration of time can tell you what it is you are doing that is attracting these new followers or what it is that is losing these followers. You can also view the gender, age gap and top locations to see who specifically is viewing your profile.

Content interaction: This is a big one! These next 3 come under the topic of accounts engaged. You can see how well other accounts and followers are liking your content or what content is working for you. This will show you the overall engagement through your posts, stories, reels etc. This Is good for understanding what type of content is working for you, for example what reels do well.

Post interaction: This is part of content interaction but a specific part of it. It's main focus is the posts interaction. It will track how well your post has done, how many people it has reached etc. This data can be used to produce future content as you will know if it works well and attracts.

Reel interaction: Similar to post interaction but focused on reels. How well your reels reached and enticed people will be shown here. You can compare the percentages of your reels and see how well your performance was.

Remembering to regularly check and track data from your business is a vital stage in marketing as it can show you what is working and what isn't within your business. Checking this data can then enable you to produce the content that works for your own Instagram business page.

To find out more about instagram data and why checking stats within your business is very important and a key stage in planning your content marketing, follow my instagram, Inge.hunter.

Inge x


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