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I have been patiently waiting for a podcast idea to hit my brain for years... literally years!!!!

And it is HERE!!!

I had a podcast a while ago called 'Minger without the M' and then I co hosted a podcast called 'Now Im Worried'

And I learnt a lot throughout those podcasts but I have finally landed on a concept that I am totally in love with and I'm sure you will love too.

I have worked hard to pull together a podcast which is chatty, uplifting, helpful and down to earth whilst still weaving in my biggest passion - business growth.

So come on down and welcome to..... 'Insta vs Reality' (note, not 'Instagram' because thats a trademarked word lol!)

So join me as I take you through the realities of running a growing portfolio of businesses as well as inviting in my friends and guests to talk through the realities of what goes on in their life, industry and business. We bare it all and make it realistic. We are moving away from those curated Instagram grids and getting raw.

So tune into listen in (and subscribe and follow to make sure you get new episode alerts!) Plus get extra bonus 'hindsight insight' 5 min episodes each week to talk through the should haves, would haves of mine and my guests stories.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

or search for 'Insta Vs Reality' wherever you listen to your podcasts!

And if you would like to be a guest and join me on spilling the beans please email in and drop me your pitch as well as finishing this sentence: "I'd like to talk on the reality of......."


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