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Importance of getting prepared for the week.

Running a business can be exhausting. Making sure everything is planned, everything is in the right place and even making sure your team (if you have one) are all aware of their roles and responsibilities. Being a business owner means understanding time management and being prepared for all outcomes, whether they are setbacks or opportunities along the way. So making sure you approach tasks with a strong mindset and motivation, is key to being a business owner. Preparation is important because it could help you avoid the build-up of stress and anxiety.

Being prepared for tasks within a business can be hard, but if you break it down into smaller tasks, such as preparing week by week, it will be clearer and you will have a better approach to things. In Huddle.Up, there is a weekly session every Sunday at 8:30pm where you set an hour aside to sit down and plan the week ahead. This could be content planning or anything you need to get ahead of for the week commencing.

Setting some time aside- Making sure you allocate time to prepare for the week ahead, means you will not only start the week strong and with goals, but throughout the week you will have a clear set of tasks to complete and achieve.

Pace yourself- The sunday schedule is an hour long quiet co working session. This will ensure you are feeling prepped and planned for the week ahead. Finding this time and planning, also gives you an idea of when you may have some free time within the week to work on other projects or free time for yourself. It is a great way of managing your time.

Although the session is a co-working session, it is silent until the end where it is unmuted to chat and see how everyone has done. Doing this planning session on call in silence can help motivate you to set your tasks throughout the week as you are surrounded by other business owners within the same situation as you.

Preparing yourself for the week gives you an advantage to make to do lists. It is important to be planned in advance so you can see when you may need support for your busier days or what to do on your quieter days. Having plans within the business helps increases your business growth to 30% more likely to be successful.

Having to do lists, will give you a sense of achievement and fulfillment, once you tick a job off your list. Doing this weekly will help increase your mentality and the way you approach your tasks and responsibilities. Another importance of preparing within your business is that it will help you plan some time for yourself, whether that's a 30 minute walk or an hour free to read a book. Anything just to give yourself a break, as that is equally important.

If you want to join the Sunday Schedules or read more about preparing within your business, head over to the Huddle.Up instagram and my instagram, IngeHunter for more guidance.

Inge x


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