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How successful is Instagram marketing?

Success comes from development and loyal clients. Instagram marketing is a strategy used to attract a greater audience. It is a great platform for businesses to promote their products or services. It is known that 83% of instagram users have discovered a new product or service on the platform. This demonstrates the success rate of instagram marketing. On instagram the amount of followers you obtain will purely come from the work you put in. Instagram allows people to follow whoever they wish to. 90% of instagram users follow at least one business. This means with the right content, you can gain your ideal clients easily!

Instagram is the main social media platform which has consistently developed and maintained growth. It is the second most accessed network behind facebook. People tend to browse for an average of 53 minutes per day on instagram. It has many different features that allow you to post in different formats to help boost reach for your business.

Success comes from what you put in!

Here is a list of ways you can help make your instagram more successful:

1- Interact:

To make sales you need to know who your target audience is. This means knowing the people who are following you. The more time you spend trying to find new people and develop new connections, the more success you will gain. The more you talk to your followers and engage on a regular basis, the more you will get back.

2- Check your stats:

Checking stats preferably on a weekly basis will help you understand what is working for your business page and what is not. The more in touch you are with your stats the more likely you are to grow. You can determine what format or specific posts do the best and can then expand these ideas. Find what works for you and your business page and maximise it!!

3- Do Reels:

Out of all off instagrams formats, for example stories and reels, reels are the main formats that get more reach. Producing reels will reach a wider audience and therefore making your business more well known. Instagram users find reel interaction more entertaining to watch so people prefer watching reels.

4- Get to know your followers:

Focus on your following and the content that works for them and what they want. You have to post content that they want to see, rather than focusing on strangers. Give your followers what you said you will and always keep them updated, do not chase your next follower.

5- Optimise your profile:

If your profile is not going to get your main point across or it is not displaying what you want people to know about your business page, then reevaluate it. A well branded visually appealing profile will bring more interest as a person browsing your account will see exactly what you want them to see.

To become a pro business instagrammer check out this link to Huddle which can lead you to prompts and help on what your instagram should look like. You can visit my live account reviews where I review a followers account to help them get their ideal business profile to help attract and reach their target audience.

Inge x


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