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How do I promote my small business on instagram?

Promotions normally refer to getting paid for advertisement. However, you must engage and connect with your audience regularly in order to understand what will do well and what will not. With an average engagement of anywhere between 2 and 7 percent (compared to Facebook is at 0.10 to 0.15 percent), the ability to connect with existing customers and also expand your reach will only help foster sales initiatives.

Success depends on how targeted your audience is. You have to know who your audience is before trying to promote products. For example, if you are trying to sell personalised baby clothes, you will need to focus specifically on who and which people will be the main audience. These will be your ideal clients who you should regularly engage with.

A few ideas on how to improve your promoting skills:

1- Growth: Make sure you are aware of who you want to be your ideal clients. This should happen before even considering spending any money. This is because you have to make sure it reaches like minded instagram uses in order to be successful.

2- Facebook Pixel:

Creating a facebook pixel will help promotion massively. A facebook pixel is a piece of coding which will measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. There is a step by step guide on how to create a facebook pixel.

3- Facebook lookalike managers:

This basically will create a replicated audience based on your current followers and website visits. It helps indicate who your clients are and what on your business page is working and what could be improved on.

4- Test ADs:

When you are thinking of posting ads, post it out in various different looks. Instagram has many different formats and features which are there to help you produce content in different ways, use them!!! Experiment in different ways of promoting, using video with text, without text or using pictures etc.

5- Set budget and promote:

Everyone has to start somewhere. When you want to start a promotion, make sure to set a budget. Whilst you are testing make sure to start with a small budget, just in case.

6- Analysis:

Always keep on top of your best performing posts or format that promotes well or has the best reach. When posting ads make sure you are analysing which ad is best performing so you know who to work with in the future or how to improve posts to suit a targeted audience, or what ads to avoid as they may not be best suited to your business page.

7- Re-promote:

Once you are aware of your best performing ads, you can re-promote them in the future as you know it works best for your business page.

I don't tend to advise on paid promotions. There are lots of fantastic agencies that'll do it for you or many people that will teach you how to do it, but if you want to work on step one then here are some ways to work with me.

Huddle: Where I can personally help your instagram with sessions.

One on one work: Every tuesday i do a live account review where i select one account to review. This will help in understanding how a profile can improve their account to make it more suited to what they want their followers to know and expect.

The Agency: This is where I will give you monthly tasks which will help set a strategy which works for you.

Inge x


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