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Get Gram-ing.

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sessions to fit around you

Everything is hosted in Instagram

This is a no-Facebook group zone.
4 group sessions per week.

How it works.

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Reel In Real Time

Bring yourself your phone and your props and I’ll walk you through creating a trending reel in live time. By the end of each session you’ll have a complete reel ready to send out into the gram.


Live Account Review

Members' accounts are reviewed and critiqued with actionable feedback every week. Ensuring your account is optimised and is driving traffic to catch those Instagram leads.

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Engage With Me

Engagement and connection is key to Instagram growth. Join in with these sessions dedicated to growing our network and audience. Bring a list of accounts you like and speed date through them with me and my timer! Challenge to mine through 12 accounts every session.

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Sunday Schedule

Set aside quiet time with me every Sunday to get prepped, planned and organised for the week ahead. You don’t need me to tell you how important planning is so let’s do it together and I can advise as we go.

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get started straight away!


Why               ?


Huddle was born out of a passion for helping and supporting business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs as much as possible.

I have been consulting thousands of Instagram users for years and they always come to me expecting hacks, tricks and quick fixes but I’ll be honest with you - there are no magic tricks to Instagram.

It's simpler than that.

Stop getting distracted by; the noise, the should do’s and the click bait updates and start concentrating on your account, your business & your growth. Show up consistently, post good quality content and connect with your people and you will keep your instagram account moving in the right direction and attracting clients and customers. 

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Participatory not passive.

Just learning it won't help. Doing it will make the difference. The Huddle method is based on the participatory teaching methods; not the passive ones.

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You learn 5% of what you listen to, 75% of what you do

               guarantees better results.


Bonus Materials.


Interactive Live & Podcast 

Once a month I give you access to moguls and experts in the industry to ask your questions and quiz on their area of excellence. All sessions are repurposed into a podcast for you to listen on replay.

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Weekly Post Ideas

Let me relieve you of that ‘what to post’ dread. 3 service and 3 product specific ideas will be posted every week with suggestions on how to use the idea effectively. Pick and choose those that work for you.

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Fresh News & Updates

Keep ahead of the Instagram curve and check in every Wednesday for new features; updates chat, and news on the wider sphere of instagram & social marketing.



Drop in your questions, thoughts and bounce around ideas with me every Wednesday. Just put them in the pop up question box and I’ll be around to answer them all day every Wednesday.

as well as...

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Your Tool Kit

With links to tools, apps and worksheets that will help you grow, manage and keep tabs on your Instagram account

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Link Up Posts & Members Directory

Keep in touch, connect and share with the Huddle community, reach out for support or just find new people to become ‘friend on the gram’ with. We are a friendly bunch.

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Stat Check

You can’t know what to do next if you don’t know what’s working. Use my signature stat check worksheet to track the stats that matter and keep on top of your performance.

Get Gram-ing.

no tie-in

manage your own account

sessions to fit around you

What              users say.

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Wild Orchard Fabric

Inge is wicked smart when it comes to business, marketing and especially Instagram.

As an entrepreneur I know it’s easy to get sucked into B2B services that just distract you from you actual work. The bottom line is return on investment and I’ve absolutely had that with Inge, even in a short time. I struggle being detail orientated and juggling all the tasks of a business only exasperates that. Because of Inge I’ve written a 90 day marketing plan that I’m following through on and know I will keep growing a developing with. It’s a frickin’ miracle I tell you!

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Working with Inge is like have a Instagram Angel in your pocket. It's not just the giving you some information and walking away. There is always something to keep you moving forward and doing something.

I had done the thing and download all the freebies and the scrolling advice but they didn't have any actionable help, they are sat in an email somewhere. Inge not just give the advice she always explains why and how to go and do the things as the change and evolve. The daily little nudge remind you not to forget to do a little a day and be present and just yourself.

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Homemade Choices

Inge has helped me with my ideas, direction, traction, confidence while being a real human that understands all the things.

I now feel I am able to learn whatever I need to, to get to wherever I need to go. It says alot when having chats about life with my husband that he says 'I think Inge has been really good for you!' Inge is a real person & genuinely sees what you can achieve. Inge is very honest, but gentle with it. If you want help with your business, but want help from an actual person that knows your a human with a life too, Inge is where it's at.

Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 12.14.29.png

Life Coach Nonie

Being part of Inges membership has helped me to understand Instagram and how I can use it in my business and reaching out to my dream clients.

Inges delivery on the different topics is easy to follow and implement on because she breaks it down for you in a way that i as a creative understand. If you want to learn how to use instagram well for your business and succeed then you wont regret working with inge in her membership.

Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 12.25.41.png

The Resourceful Retailer

I really appreciate Inge's no BS approach to what we need to be doing - with a good balance of support and a whole heap of in-the-know expert advice on top.

My IG account growth in my insight metrics keep going up month on month. With website click throughs increasing month on month (55%, 103% 73% !) I know in facts and figures investing in Inge's coaching pays for itself. More than that I've expanded my community of collaborative peers through Huddle & The Agency, have gained clarity in my offerings and have a much clearer customer journey through my socials... which shows in my email list numbers!

Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 11.46.20.png

Ally Davis

Inge is straight talking with a no bs approach.

She leads with her heart at the forefront but with an amazing strategic knowledgeable brain behind. Her knowledge and wisdom is incredible and she shares it all! It’s been amazing to have her support.



If you’ve scrolled this far and you’re still unsure, let’s run over some of the questions you may have.

How much is huddle?

Huddle is £26.99 per month on a rolling basis - the same price as a coffee and a cake every week! It’s simple to sign up and you can manage your account yourself. Give it a go with the free 7 day trial!

How does a membership on Instagram work?

All of the content is held in a private instagram account and only members are allowed in to get involved and watch the lives. Once you sign up you need to request to join the Huddle Instagram account and I’ll let you in. Every post, live, IGTV, reel and guide in the account is created specifically for members.

How long is the commitment for?

Totally up to you! You are welcome to join and leave at any time. But please be aware that you are removed from the membership on the day you cancel no matter where you are in your paying month because you are responsible for managing your own account.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

Everything is recorded and stored in the IGTV of the huddle account. So you can always catch up at a time that is more suited to your schedule. And every session in completed in real time so the replay will be just like attending live. But the sessions happen at the same time every week so why not try to schedule in the sessions into your weekly work schedule

What is a visual podcast?

Just what it says on the packet! Every month I will go live in the instagram account with a mogul of the industry to ask them questions, quiz them on their are of genius and open up the floor to Huddle members for you to come on live and ask your questions. The live session is then not only available for replay but it is downloaded, the audio extracted and uploaded onto a podcast stream so you can listen back to the interview in your ears through your favourite podcast platform.

How do I submit my account for a live review?

It’s very easy! Once you sign up you will be sent emails all about the account, what happens and some advice to get you set up as well as the link to the ‘get involved’ form which is an easy google for you to fill out and let me know you want a live account review. The form is also easily accessed from the members area. I work through the form chronologically and will be in touch when its your turn to have a live account review.

I don't think i'm ready for this, I don't even know the basics.

I have a load of free resources to get you going with the basics and get your account set up. Have a look over my free 45 minute ‘mini one’ training and then dip into my other resources before coming back and signing up to Huddle. But if you know a little then sign up and in the first 7 days you are sent very detailed emails full of advice and training tailored to your business to get you set up confidently before you dive into the Huddle sessions.

When are the Live Sessions?

Reel in Real Time - 09:15 uk time every Monday

Live Account Review - 12:00 uk time every Tuesday

Engage With Me - 09:00 uk time every Thursday

Sunday Sched' - 20:15 uk time every Sunday

Visual Podcast - changes every month but is well communicated.

What if I have questions?

Ask them! If you’ve read through all of this information and still have questions about Huddle then drop me a DM and let me know what’s on your mind. I love hearing from my community and I’ love to go over any questions you have about Huddle.

Can my Social Media Manager join?

Sure but they’ll have to sign up with their own account. You can’t split access to Hudle because only one Instagram account per sign up is allowed. But you will both benefit from being a Huddle member. You will learn more about the nuances of marketing your business and your social media manager will learn more technique. Plus you need to be the one with your face on the reels not your social media manager's face!

Who is this right for?

Anyone who wants to start making noticeable changes to their Instagram marketing. You might be a business owner, creative, entrepreneur or creator - no matter your reason for doing life you will want to take real action and be held accountable for your implementation. All I ask is that you are ambitious, passionate and proactive about your business development (and I’m pretty sure you already are if you’ve made it this far!)

Is this for only service
based businesses?

No! I rotate the information between product based and service based businesses but the marketing thread remains the same. Whatever your business - you are marketing to people and people buying decisions don't vary that much between buying something product based or service based so I focus in on teaching you about that buyers journey on Instagram rather than specific business types.

Get Gram-ing.

no tie-in

manage your own account

sessions to fit around you

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