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How to use marketing research to find the right people.

Marketing research is beneficial for the initial understanding of what problems and objectives are needed to be identified. Clarifying these objectives will help the business focus your marketing plan on how to strategically develop a marketing technique. Marketing management is vital for businesses as it will help with targeting the right ideal clients and loyal consumers.

Before you think of anything related to marketing, you need to develop an idea of the ‘right people’. If you do not know who your business should be targeting and helping, how can you structure any marketing plans to progress your business? Think about what your business does and who it helps and will benefit. Work these into a marketing mix and develop some marketing strategies to entice them into making a sale.

Firstly you need to identify what the problem is, whether that's starting a new campaign to catch the eye of new consumers, or a new product development which you are going to end up releasing to make more sales. This will propose a research brief where you can produce more information such as when you would be releasing this new product or the costs or investments needed to commit to this new product. Using this technique will help consumers assess precision and a level of trust for your company.

Examining and tracking what your followers love and what posts work well within your business, will give a clear indication of more ideas that you can work from. You need to leverage your followers' interests into increasing your targeting reach. This may be creating content that you are aware that your followers love, such as reels showing off how your products are made.

It may be partnering with brands that appeal to your followers, such as a food based company that focuses on vegan food, partnering with a vegan dessert company. This also demonstrates how you should align your content strategy with your followers interests. Make sure you do not lose your brand identity and focus on different types of content that appeals to the different aspects of your followers.

If you need any guidance or simply want to learn more about Instagram, head over to my Instagram page, Inge.Hunter, where I can help you with content marketing strategies.

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