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How Many Social Media Platforms Should I Focus On?

This is a question I get asked regularly and it is 100% down to the individual company and person and what is best for them.

But here’s a round up of what I would say is ‘good for you’

  1. Really Well Which platform do you think the majority of your business would come from and which one do you feel most comfortable with? Make this your number one platform to concentrate on.

  2. Kinda Well Which other platform do you think your people will be on? Even if you’re not particularly fond of it or like it, have a second place where you shout out about yourself regularly. Make this your number two place to work on.

  3. Others As a presence. You don’t have to work very hard at these (you could even just cross post your other posts onto them) but having a presence on others will help your visibility and spread your net. Make these your last priority.

  4. Email Don’t neglect your email marketing. As much as it is another thing to do people have to physically opt into being on your list which means they are interested in hearing more about you so give them more to know. Make this an addition to what you are doing.


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