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How do I switch off from my business?

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Hello and welcome back to what I'm going to call now Sunday Confessions, Sunday Confessions, where I answer some of your questions that have been sent in, answer in the spirit of the podcast in a real way, not an Instagram way. And the two questions I'm going to answer this week, do you still take some off and how do you switch off from your business now?

Great questions. The first one is very, very easy to answer. Yes. And that's not like it's not a bullshit answer. Do you still take some off? I still take some and I look forward to it every year. I think by asking my mother in law, actually about my business. And it's very much a work hard play hard situation inside of the folds of what goes on here. But that being said, we 100% as a team. But I in particular need to take a full shutdown in summer.

So full context. We take four weeks off in August. We also take two weeks off for Easter and three weeks off for Christmas. And generally we take every last week off and a holiday. We also don't work bank holidays, which is basically we do work that is one at night in want to stay. One of my core values is to create a company that is truly flexible and that means I force time off and it's still fully paid, like I pay my staff full wage and things.

But yeah, we do take four weeks off in August. It's planned from the year before. The only thing I will say to be totally honest and upfront with you is that we're supposed to be taking two weeks off in Easter, which by the time I'm recording is because it is next week. And the way that the clue structure has fallen means that some of the staff won't be able to take the full two weeks off.

They're going to be able to 100% take it slower, but they're not going to be able to take off the full two weeks, which is something that I didn't foresee coming up and I didn't notice would pop up that it's just like basically closed only a few months old and it's just been growing exponentially. And I just had no idea that it would be as crazy busy as it is, and I didn't foresee anything like editing time and stuff like that. So we're not able to properly, properly do it this Easter. But 100% in the summer. Yes. Four weeks off. Which leads into the second question that's been asked is how do you switch off from your business? I don't know if I do. I think that's true for every business I know because I feel like when I switch down, then my brain switches on.

But I will say I think it's three years of practice. So I am very good at turning off on Friday and not turning back on until Monday. So it was and it's been a while ago I did a podcast episode on how she takes Saturday off. I need to properly turn my phone off I think at the weekends because I will still browse Instagram and that's business.

And yes, I never switch off, but somehow now I'm not sure how it happens, but it does like the whole brain does turn off on a Friday and doesn't really turn back on until Sunday night in the business. But like practically, I think it's just about putting your phone away somewhere properly. Like I like to cook dinner to turn myself off because then I can't actually use my phone. It's hard. It's a work in progress.

If you have any questions that you want to send in, I can answer. Give us the juicy details. I'll be as honest as I can and I'll share as much as I can. And so if you do have any questions, please send them in. The link to the question form is HERE and it is totally anonymous. I have no idea who you are asking questions. There's no names.

Until next week, Inge x

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