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How do I stay motivated?

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Yay. So two questions to cover up today. The first is how do you stay motivated? And the second is how much money do you make? So the question number one, how do you stay motivated? Now, I do get asked this question a lot and I'll be totally honest, I don't know the answer. And a lot of the time I don't feel very motivated, but I just move forward. I often look at my business as a job. Now I'm so grateful for everything that my business gives me. But the end of the day is a job and it's a way of making money.

And so I have to sometimes treat myself as an employee of my business. So sometimes instead of thinking about the things I have to do, I have to sit down and get it done. You know, when you were at university and you've got a dissertation to do or it didn't even have to be university and you've got a project to do and you end up spending all night doing it. Now, this might not be a really healthy way of doing work, and I don't recommend this all of the time. But sometimes motivation looks like that. Like motivation sometimes looks like staying up super late. Working on the weekends and absolutely grinding. But one key thing that I think is important to do when you're thinking about motivation is to hook into the bigger picture now.

My bigger picture is like total, total freedom and total movement away from anything that controls me, controls the way that I live my life, controls the way that I do my things. And so if my business can give me that freedom away from control of society or whatever expectations that people put on me, then I will run to that, you know? So sometimes when I really don't feel motivated, which is actually a lot of the time, like a lot of the time I'm just a slave to my calendar and I just turn up to the meetings I've booked in. I turn up to things. And even if you don't necessarily have meetings at the moment with things that are necessarily booked in book yourself, in meetings with yourself, like take yourself I have to do is not as take myself away, like take myself to a coffee shop and sit for 2 hours to do a task.

My coffee is going to cost you £3. Something with that task might make you money and your business because it's moving you forwards. So I'll take myself to different things and also take myself away to fancy hotels and I'll still just get a coffee. Now that coffee is only going to cost me. Maybe in a fancy hotel it might cost me £5 instead of £3 But i am surrounded by people who are busy, who are moving forward and motivating it, like especially with super fancy and you can just watch everyone. So I'll do that. But the important thing is that sometimes you need to take yourself away.

Now there are times when I'm really not motivated in my business and I will get to points where I think, Oh God, I just really, really don't want to do it today. And that's okay too. You know, you can. The cool thing about having a business is that you can like cancel meetings and as much as I don't want to cancel my meetings, sometimes my headspace is just not in the right space to do a meeting because I know I'm not going to give the right kind of advice and I'm not going to give it the right kind of I'm not going to come in the right way.

So I will make sure that I have times when I don't do things. But generally day to day, I know there's a really big picture answer to the question generally day to day. Like I mentioned, I'm a slave to my calendar, so I have to have everything planned like I have to have everything planned for the week. Everything planned for the day. I've been planning for the month, everything planned for the year. Because then instead of being motivated towards the next day, the next day, the next day, if I have everything planned for like the whole year, I know when I'm going to do things. I know when I'm going to like to look at stuff.

I know when I can be patient in my business. I know when I can push my business. And that's really important to understand, is that there's a difference between patience and pushing. And sometimes you need patience to push. So you make sure that you know what's coming up so that you can be motivated towards moving towards that tiny thing, that big thing, and knowing that the tiny things will move you there.

I also eat a lot of chocolate, I drink a lot of coffee, and I take Korean ginseng instead of green gemstones like an upper. And then sometimes I take CBD as a downer. So I guess to summarize, treat yourself like the employee that you are of your business plan and that balance, you know, working towards take yourself to different places and sometimes you just go to work, you know, sometimes motivations fake like some like how do I stay motivated And the days I'm not motivated, sometimes I will turn on my Instagram account and I'll go my stories and I will be like, Hey, look at these amazing things I'm doing today.

And I know that that digs into that insta versus reality and is not real because I've come on that day with a false happiness when I'm not actually feeling very motivated. But the funny thing is that when you come on and you're like, Hey, look at the amazing things I'm doing today, then suddenly you do feel motivated for the day and you can kind of quickly remind yourself.

So doing that, I also listen to music. I will drive for days, listening to Alanis Morissette, in particular the Jagged Little Pill album. I know it's very white girl of me, but I will do that and sing it really, really loud. And I will drive around the countryside and I will do that. Stay motivated and not have to live at nine. Yeah, I have to mask. Yeah. That when you have a way, you know that one, it's really loud. Question number two: How much money do you make? I make between Well, I'll tell you per business because there's two businesses. So in the Inge Hunter business and Louise Ltd, I bring in about 14 grand a month in the business, but it costs me about seven and a half grand to run the business.

So the rest on top of that is tax and whatever I pay myself. Some months I will only pay myself like £1,000. And some months I might pay myself £6,000. And I have the worst credit rating in the world because I never have a consistent amount of money that I pay myself. I'm getting better at this. Like I promised you all I'd be honest, and this makes me feel pretty squirmy to talk about it out loud. But I'll be honest, I'm working on it and having separate bank accounts. Monzo really helps. So with Monzo you can have a pot that automatically takes a percentage from your income. So it goes out. And just like when you used to get paid in, like your national insurance would go out before you even saw it.

For example, Monzo does that. So Monzo really, really helped me with that. In the second business clue, it brings in, I had this joke. I wrote this in my diary the other day. It took me 16 years to get to a point in my business and Inge Louise Ltd where I was earning 14 grand a month and it took me two months. And that's what overnight success looks like is not, you know, it's only two months because I've done 14 years of hard work. So Claire brings in the same amount of money. But clue, to be honest, actually, I haven't looked down at this. I've been running for two months at the point we're recording this. So Clue costs me about 5 to 6 grand a month to run.

But it's growing constantly, constantly, constantly, and is projected to bring in way more than that by this time next year. Ask me this question again in a year and I'll tell you that. Yeah, but so in Clue, what I'm actually learning to do now is pay myself a proper wage, which I didn't do in my first business. So the clue is actually helping me. So that's a credit rating and I pay my taxes on time. Yeah. So I pay myself three grand a month. So that's my kind of base level I guess. And I worked out how much to pay myself based on what I needed plus what I wanted. I mean, that's not the question. How much money do you make?

Hopefully that answers the question. So both businesses combined bring in close to 30 grand a month. Oh my God. I'd never even realized that I. Holy fuck. No, no. 30 kind of month. Can we just address this 100 K business thing just quickly to make 100 K in your business is a really, really shit place to be in. It's cost you so much in tax. What you want to be doing in your business if you're thinking about how much money you want to make because you either want to make seven grand a month or 15 grand a month, you don't want to be earning ten grand a month because ten grand a month costs you close to let me get this right, ten grand a month will cost you like two times 12, 20, 20 grand in taxes anyway. In both businesses where I own half a million. I can't do it in that I'm going to say that I earn half a million pounds and both businesses bitch as but each business is legally run separately. So individually. Yeah. I hope that answers your questions.

So I've covered off. How do you stay motivated and how much money do you make for me in lights? More questions. I think we feel uncomfortable. I like to. How much money did you make? I've got other questions to run through. Like, do you still take the sum off? How do you switch off? If Instagram shut down tomorrow, what would you recommend to business owners to do? Is running multiple businesses stressful? If so, is it worth the stress? If you are starting your business from scratch without any network audience and 10,000, how would you start? Is there such a thing as a work life balance?

So I'll be answering those questions in the coming Sunday episodes. If you have any questions, please pop them in the question form. The link is here, anonymous google form, and I will, as the podcast says, be as raw and brutally honest as I can for you. So send in anything you'd like to ask me. For any more information or you fancy a chat, head over to my instagram IngeHunter.

Inge x


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