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Five Reels Ideas

Head to my IGTV @inge.hunter to watch my reels training for business owners and then have a go yourself! It’s fun to experiment with!

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Don’t feel like you can’t do it and don’t feel as though it’s not relevant to your business.

  1. Three Top Tips Do three clips which give three top tips for something to do with how you help people.

  2. BTS Film 5/6 little snippets of your day on your phone throughout your day then put them all together, add music and make a behind the scenes reel!

  3. About You Share some facts about you; ones that aren’t just to do with your business.

  4. Lip Sync Lip sync to a song or a monologue that is relevant to your business and how your ideal clients feel on the day.

  5. Educate & Inspire Think about what your ideal client needs educating on or inspiration about and give them a small piece of it in a reel.

Catch you soon!

Inge x


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