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5 different types of engagement.

Engagement is a vital part of connecting with followers and knowing your ideal clients. Regular engagement will help you with understanding the buyer's journey and therefore knowing what the needs and wants of your consumers are. You must engage with followers and potential clients in order for them to be able to know you and trust you. Engaging with followers also makes them feel like they are thought of and that someone is wanting to help them by fulfilling their needs through your products or services.

There are many types of engagement and must all be carried out relatively often in order to maintain consistency throughout your business. If you are not present, how will anyone know you exist? Listed below are the five different types of engagement you can do on instagram:

  1. Re-engaged current audience- The followers you already have and the ones you already know and can guarantee are loyal, should receive some attention to. This is important for increasing engagement on your account. Find what works for you, whether that is posting new content or posting stories from behind the scenes, and let them know what you are up to or any plans you are working on. This will increase a ‘relationship’ as such where they know they can rely on you as a supplier.

  2. Comment on people's stories- Every week, try and set some time aside where you go through followers' stories and drop a comment to them. This is very good for growing networks. If they are aware you are watching and interested in their posts, they will feel needed and feel a sense of belonging as they know they are being followed.

  3. Mining peoples accounts- One of the easiest and most manageable ways to find new followers is to think of people within your field who may be attracting the same followers as you. These people can be nurtured and eventually emerge into one of your followers, with the right engagement. If you track these businesses followers then you can see what attracts them to others and then engage with them and get them to take action (follow you and eventually make a purchase)

  4. Networking- Select 4 or 5 accounts that you think are great at marketing and engagement and who you would love to build a business relationship with. Get engaging and conversing with them. See how they manage their followers and then gradually you can end up working together and nurturing similar followers.

  5. Treating your DMs like an inbox- Emails are the easiest and most direct form of engaging with consumers. If you treat your instagram DMs like an email inbox, you will remain consistent in your engagement.

If you are wanting to know more about engagement types and how to maintain consistency, follow my instagram, IngeHunter to find out more.

Inge x


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