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Why The Agency might be wrong for you.

I can guarantee the agency is like no other program you have ever seen before. However, you have to make sure it is right and beneficial to you. In no other space will you get this much support and knowledge with someone at the helm who wants you to succeed so badly. The Agency is a such a comprehensive programme because I am passionate about ensuring that those who work with me have the best possible chance of success. I don’t want to give you one piece of the puzzle. We work through each piece together. There are limited spaces on this programme so that I can ensure I can give my best attention to each member.

Here are 8 reasons why the agency might be wrong for you.

1- You do not like being challenged. Alongside calls and working together to create a stable marketing output, you will also have tasks set monthly, within the 23 modules, which have to be completed in order for you to gain the full benefit of the Agency program. If you do not think being set regular challenges is something you will be able to successfully commit to, then you need to develop the mindset where your business is top priority and will improve with your knowledge through the Agency.

2- You do not think education can help grow your business. Education is taught in numerous ways, therefore learning something yourself can be learnt through your own work techniques such as having a day a week where you put a couple hours a side just purely for Agency work.

3- Comfortability- You are unable to be pushed. You are content with how your business is so you do not see the need to try anything else. Fact is, there is always something to be learnt and always always always areas to improve in. The Agency will help you look at your business from a different perspective and then you can analyse different ways in which you can push your marketing even further.

4- Alone wolf- The thought of a supportive bubble around you puts you off and you don't like a community to spur you on. Within the agency, there are 30 different guest experts who can present their skills to you in ways which could give you ideas or beneficial guidance through your sales messaging and encourage you to produce content for marketing and selling, which you can apply in your business.

5- Time. You do not have ‘time’ to focus on making changes in your business. This might be due to comfortability or because you have become stagament in your business. If you are dedicated to your business, then a true business owner will make the right time to help grow their understanding.

6- Growth development. If something is going to challenge you, it will automatically affect and challenge your business as well. Personal growth will help your development which will impact your mindset and ability to work on your business.

7- Quick fixes. You believe that there is a quick fix to business growth and marketing. There isn't! Time and consistency is key and you have to stay motivated in order to achieve it. The disciples we cover within the Agency are long term changes and therefore need to be stuck to and done correctly in order to have a successful marketing strategy.

8- Commitment. You are unable to stay committed to the live sessions. These include group sessions which are a main part of implementation as the feedback you receive or share will help you stay dedicated to working throughout.

Inge x


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