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What should my business post on instagram?

On a business account on instagram, there are specific types of posts that can be uploaded to help turn strangers into clients. Not only should you know your ideal clients, but they should have a clear understanding of what you are like as a person and as a business. This could be about your services, why you are passionate about your business, what your favorite product off your website is etc.Your posts are going to encourage someone along a biased journey in which they go from being a stranger to a loyal client.

There are four main themes you should base your posts on to be able to guarantee you are engaging and interacting with your clients.

Know me, like me, trust me, buy from me:

1- Know me:

In order for a client to want to trust you and want to buy from you, they should know a little bit about you. You want to become their acquaintance rather than just someone on instagram. Here is a list of topics in which you could focus on:

How you do what you do- What is your service? How does it all work?

Drive and passion- Why do you do what you do? What do you want to gain from it?

Core values- Who are you as a person?

Journey- How did you get to where you are? What is the biggest problem you have had to overcome or what is your greatest success? This could also include how you even started your business and what made you want to expand your ideas.

2- Like me:

In an complex way, the ‘like Me’ posts are actually designed to put people off. This will help see who are not your ideal clients. Post things like getting controversial, what makes you different, how you have a unique selling point or anything that is trying to make yourself stand out in your industry USP.

3- Trust me:

This is engaging with clients more, getting them to trust you and your services. They need to trust you to deliver on what you say you will deliver and provide.

Give them feedback reviews, testimonials, talking about case studies and projects you have worked on. This will help string them along on a biased journey where they go from strangers to clients.

Show what your day to day looks like or what your team is like so they can not only see your products but they can see how everything works and what effort goes into your services.

Demonstrate your qualifications, give them an idea of how hard you have worked and how committed you are. This will form a safety net for you and your clients as they will feel like they can then rely on you and you will feel as if you have loyal clients.

4- Buy from me:

Instagram is a highly focused passive network. If you produce sales posts regularly, it will help customers easily access your products. Lots of people forget to ask for sales so posting about them or notifying your followers will improve your chances.

Keep your followers up to date. Let them know what your plans for the future are, what ideas you have.

Inform customers of the pricing and what they will be paying. They need to be aware of what exactly they are paying for or what sort of budget they are looking for.

My 90 day content planner is a subscription box designed to help with strategic planning. I will go into more depth on what your business page could post and what you could include on your instagram to boost your reach or awareness of your business.

Inge x


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