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What should Instagram highlights be?

Instagram highlights are basically a collection of stories, posts and videos that you have uploaded in the past. They are often referred to as albums which are made permanent on your page by you, unlike a story which will delete within twenty-four hours. Generally, people will browse highlights before clicking your link in your bio because of it being visual and easy to engage with it without having to read or understand as much. The aim of stories is not for your followers but more focused on trying to increase the conversion rate of your followers. Instagram highlights have gained a great deal of attention recently and are now used by 500 million accounts everyday.

Your instagram highlights are genuinely viewed before an instagrammed will click the link in your bio. Therefore in your highlights you should include similar stuff to your website. This could be a highlight about you and your business, testimonials or how a person can work with you and what services you offer. Ideally it should be anything you think a client would want to know about before they spend money with you. This will encourage people to get to know you more and eventually lead them on a biased journey.

Making an instagram highlight, a collection of your stories, should be consistent and informative yet visible and quick for a follower to acknowledge and have a clear understanding of what you and your services provide.

Here is how to make a good highlight-

Necessary to you- Think in advance of what information needs to be in there, plan it!! Go and make canva’s or posts or anything that gives you the ability to use brands.

Map out highlight- Have a few different highlights which are categorised for specific things that your audience will want to know about. For example, what your service is or a highlight about you to inform clients of what they should expect from you and your business.

Showcase product/services- According to Instagram, 75% of users take an action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase after looking at an ad in a highlight format. Instagram is a great place to promote your business and you can use highlights to store your stories to showcase past events or promote upcoming ones. This will allow followers to gain a better understanding of what type of events your business can host, this will increase interest for future ones and will help people who browse your page see what you can offer.

Keep them updated- Engage!!! If you are consistently informing your clients on new products or changes to your services, they will feel like they can trust you and therefore become loyal clients. It will boost your engagement with your followers and increase your interactions.

Over on my website, the section named Huddle is where I have produced a guide to instagram where you can drop in on sessions for support to help get your instagram business account growing! I also do a live account review every Tuesday where you become a member on huddle and sign up so I can select an account to review over a live session. This will help if you are struggling with how to engage with your followers or what your instagram should look like or just how to be an instagrammer in general!

Inge x


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