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If Instagram shut down tomorrow, what would business owners do?

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Hello. Welcome back to our Sunday episode where I answer your anonymous question. We haven't had anyone sent in for a few weeks. So before I get into it, send in a question. Doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't matter if it's about life or business. But the anonymous questions form is linked at the end of this blog, and is also linked in my Instagram account. And you just drop questions in there. Anything you fancy asking me and anything that you want to get answered.

So this week, I'm going to answer a question that's come in saying, if Instagram shut down tomorrow, what would you recommend business owners do? Instagram, firstly, is not the only way to attract social media followers. I love Instagram, like I think it works. I think it does what it says on the tin like it is very much a shop front, great for businesses, social media platforms, and loads of people on it. But that being said, if you are not already diversifying and thinking about in the future diversifying, where you share your message, then you need to be careful and curious about it. So younger generations are not interested in Instagram, like as much as the older generations are a bit like Facebook, like it gets old, its people don't really want to use it anymore or be on there anymore. Or, you know, it won't happen for a long time. But if Instagram shuts down tomorrow be like, move to Tik Tok or YouTube shorts.

So let me just go round robin with these things. Facebook is great, fan pages are actually doing really, really well. And Facebook videos, Facebook shorts, Facebook reels are doing really really well because there's like low competition on there. So if you're interested in going back onto Facebook, then go and do that. Tik Tok is really great for original content. It is great for you know, the kind of content you might stay on your stories on Instagram.

Do that kind of stuff on tick tock so a little bit more raw, a little bit more behind the scenes and then YouTube shorts are like Tiktok and Instagram reels, but they are searchable. LinkedIn, actually as well. I would definitely definitely do LinkedIn.

Basically, if Instagram shut down tomorrow, like crack on like content. If you think about it in the tourist form, it is like the video piece, the photo piece, the caption piece like that can be put onto any social media platform. It doesn't have to be Instagram. A lot of people get really caught up in the whole repurposing conversation. A lot of social media managers will peddle the repurposing conversation, like you can't post the same thing on all the different networks like you, I mean, sure, but the reality is that we're all small business owners who are listening to this anyway.

And we need to maybe change the size of a graphic or whatever. But we need a way of just making sure that we're spreading out our message as far as possible. So if that means just a person, the same shit different place, like, please, please, please do it. So

I would do that.

But also, I think people are neglecting their local, especially in the online space, right? People are getting, neglecting or neglecting their local business network. Kind of pre COVID It was kind of cool and fashionable to get online do an online business. Yeah. And then during COVID, everyone was forced to create an online business. And now out of COVID, like people are forgetting that there's strong local business networks around them. And we're just not using them. We need to be able to tap into that we have resources, we have tools, we have services that can provide, we can provide to a local network, like just because we post on Instagram doesn't mean that you say this.

Just because you post on Instagram doesn't mean you have a business like there are multiple facets to running a business and marketing a business. Instagram is one kind of piece of the puzzle. If it totally shut down, really, if you think your business wouldn't run without Instagram.

Like there's a problem there. You know, and I was talking to someone a while back who super relied on Facebook and then Facebook's reach went down and it totally like totally, totally messed with her income. That's not cool. You should be trying to make sure that you're spread enough like personally, yes, I do Instagram but I'm posting on Tik Tok. I post on LinkedIn, I go to a lot of networking. I do a lot of emailing. I'm doing a podcast. Like if you think about all those outreach, ways of marketing, like I'm doing a lot of them and yes, I'd be upset if Instagram shut down. But I would still take that core idea of the content I'm creating and just start posting it on a different platform a little bit more regularly. And that is what I would recommend that people do. Like, if my Instagram went dead, like I would be upset and worried. Like if I got hacked and my account was disabled.

That was a good question actually, make sure if you have any questions you can anonymously ask them in the link HERE. Any further information or just fancy a chat, head over to my instagram, Inge Hunter and drop a DM.

Till next time,

Inge x


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