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Don't Neglect Your Current Followers

Have you ever stopped to think that your current followers are probably most likely to buy from you?

We are on this relentless rat race to gain new followers and grow our numbers into the thousands but don't tend to stop and think about those numbers one by one.

Each number represents a person

A person who decided you were good enough to follow

A person who is most likely interested in what you do

A person who may be interested in buying from you or working with you

So don't neglect the followers you already have!

Every couple of months I spend some times going through my list of follower from top to bottom to do two things;

* Firstly to have a conversation with them all (or as many as I possibly can) to check in and say hi, to thank them for their follow, to get interested in their accounts and what they're up to

* Secondly to have a look at who they are and construct a little knowledge blueprint of who is following me and what their problems are and how i can help them.

I do this for two reasons, one to stay on track and make sure that I am attracting the right people and two to make sure that my conversation rate is as high as it can possibly be for turning followers into clients because everyone feels seen and taken care of. It's my own version of customer service and it shouldn't be taken lightly even if you do have an online customer base who you have never seen in real life and who are displayed to you in a numerical format.

And i would advise you to do the same. Take some time out and look through your own list. Is it what you expected? Are there people in there that you were hoping to attract? And can you pin point anyone who you could help or develop a business relationship with?

If you think about it like a theatre. You're the one stood on stage and your followers are the ones sat in the seats - so who are you looking out to?

Have a dig, have a look and have a nosy and let me know what you come back with - was it what you expected or are you pleasantly surprised - because you may find that there is money sitting right there in your follower list and you have missed it!


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