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5 Ways to kick start your instagram in 2022

It’s 2022, a whole new year. So let's think about improving some things. Readjusting or simply taking a step back from your business and maybe even rebranding your page, can actually be a big help in making sales.

If you change your instagram every once in a while it will continue to catch the eye of followers and grow in awareness.

Listed below is five different ways you can improve your instagram:

1- Audit your bio! This might not seem like it but this is an important one! Take a screenshot of your bio and remove any other context that is about what you do. Now read it over carefully and consider if a stranger who was reading your bio for the first time, would know exactly what your business does. If not, make a few tweaks and reword it so it is clear.

2- Look at your grid and reflect on it. Does it show your brand in the way you want it to? Does it describe what you do? Does it show off your product? Always make sure it is professional and obviously attractive and nice to look at. Is the right imagery that you like being posted? Pinterest is a good place to go for inspiration on grid examples.

3- Communication. Committing to at least 20 minutes a day to connect with new people on instagram. There are millions of people online so there is no doubt you will find the right people for you. You have to search for them. Whether this be in the search bard or even going through other peoples accounts for followers. This can be useful and can also give you the right people who you can ask for recommendations of who to follow.

4- Developing a post schedule. Having set days allocated for when you should post. Make sure you have a realistic number of how many posts a week you will upload.This will help determine new ideas for each post, maybe write them down on a spreadsheet. This can help improve your development of new ideas as you see them all written down. This allocates you a space to plan ahead of time.

5- Instagram stories. Commit to regularly posting on your instagram story. Maybe share something you are up to behind the scenes, this will help build trust with your followers but make sure it is not about your personal life, that will not get sales. Show any meetings or preparation you might be doing or planning. If you are a product based business show some packaging or a thought of the day. Whatever it is, make sure it is continuous and everyday.

To help kick start your instagram and for ideas on what you could be posting on your instagram story, follow this link to my Huddle instagram where you can find post prompts and live account reviews which you can apply to your own business.

Inge x


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