Planning Workshops

2020 was a shit show.

And 2021 wasn't that much better...

Let's make 2022 your year!

Introducing my 2022 planning workshops

There are so many opportunities coming your way next year and I want to make sure you’re in the right business frame to make the most of them. Every year I love getting my plan on around the November / December time so that as soon as January comes around I can hit the ground running.



You want a more structured year ahead

You’d like to know that you are strategically managing your time

You want to plan for success and avoid unwanted surprises

You’re fed up of winging it all the time and want a plan to follow

You’d like to understand how to make the most out your business next year

You’d like to have a balanced focus next year instead of trying to do all the things at once


So how does it work?!

There are 3 identical sessions happening over the next 2 months and you’re welcome to attend any of the time sessions, one of them, two of them or all of them. (But be aware that each session covers the same thing) I want you to be able to make a time that suits you as well as jump back in again if you need to.

The 3 session times are:

Tuesday 16th November

13:00 UK TIME

Thursday 25th November

10:00 UK TIME

Thursday 16th December

10:00 UK TIME

The sessions are 90 minutes long and cover macro to micro planning.

By the end of the session you will have a full zoomed out view of your strategically planned 2022 as well as quarterly goal; time mapped out for audience growth and time plotted in for sales, campaigns and launches.

We will then take that plan and break it down into monthly views and set in place your content pillars throughout the year which will form the foundations and structure for you to map out your marketing plan and ensure you are hitting the right style of messaging at the right moments throughout the year.

I'M IN! What happens next?

  1. Secure your spot with the payment link

  2. You will be sent an email with the zoom link for the sessions

  3. Pop the time you would like to make in your diary (and the other ones if you’d like to attend more than 1)

  4. Closer to the time you will be sent a reminder email with a link to the google sheet template I will be working on with you.



Will there be a replay?

Yes there will be a replay available after all of the sessions have finished.

Do I need your 90 day content planner for this session?

No you don’t have to have purchased a copy of my 90 day content planner book but it could help you once you start to get closer to the new year and want help to inspire and track you to complete a full 90 day cycle of content

Can my VA/ PA/ Team member watch along?

It is only one entry per ticket. If you would like to have members of your team watch it please reserve a spot for them as well as yourself. But I would encourage you to do the planning as the business owner and then filter down your plans to your team.