The mini one

because you know your clients are on instagram and you want to get set up properly to find and attract them to your business


So let's get you set up on 'the gram'

But before I get into it all let me explain that this mini one is free and I have tried very hard to made it accessible as possible for you. Because I fundamentally believe that you no-one should have to pay to learn how to use an app properly, and I don't think that a misunderstanding of how an app functions should be a barrier to your success.

We all have a million and one things to get on with so I want to make sure that Instagram isn't something that worries you, confuses you or gets in the way of what you need to do, so before we begin answer these two questions for me and if you can say 'yes' to both of them then this is the right place for you....

do you feel like your clients are on instagram but you don't know where to start?

would you like to be more in control of how you use instagram and its features?

so get your phone out,

get your notebook and pen

and dive in and watch my free 45 min video 

the mini one

learn how to: create an account from scratch (1:45min) ; pick the right names and usernames for your business (2:12min) ; boss your bio (9:48min) ; use a profile picture that works (6:32min) ; what to put in your website link (16:05min) ; how to create an Instagram story (25:18min) ; the feature in Instagram stories (25:50min) ; find people to follow (31:21min) ; create the perfect post from start to end (17:55min) ; find the right hashtags (33:57min) ; comment, like, share and save posts (36:33min); DM people and build relationships (39:38min).

now that you're set up, confident with the app and raring to go i have a challenge for you if you want to push yourself and get ahead 

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