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The accelerated one

because you want your instagram account to bring in enquiries and to become a hub for your business that you can confidently control

I want you to learn how to professionally and effectively use Instagram for your own business gain

Ultimately your social media needs to come from you. You need to dictate what is being said and you need to choose the products, services and processes that you share and discuss on your Instagram account; but are you guessing? Are you posting something because someone has said that you need to? Are you spending time in Instagram that you feel could be spent elsewhere? Or are you at a point where you're fed up of being told the 'big picture' whys about using Instagram but want to understand the ultimate goals and purpose of it all?

Are you using instagram but it's not making any difference to your business?

would you like to understand how to turn it into a strong and purposeful business tool?

Because I am here to tell you that you can do that, you can create an Instagram account that moves your business every time you log in and that people will recognise you from

Imagine that you are stood on the street and a stranger comes up to you and tells you that they know you and your business from Instagram - you can be that person!!

i'm inge (minger without the 'm')

and i'm an instagram strategist

I am an Instagram and digital marketing strategist that concentrates on building businesses beyond the vanity metrics of social media.  I use a mixture of statistics, psychology and experience to help my clients figure out their direction and purpose with Instagram to give them the map they need to navigate towards their business goals.


I have been an entrepreneur ever since I can remember; at the age of 13 I used to put on talent shows and charge my friends and neighbours admission fees and generate profits. Although when I was 17 I was made homeless and lived in a women’s shelter and then spent months at a time sofa-surfing from friend to friend. 


Whilst in the final year of studying a Business Management and Marketing degree with Psychology at Cambridge, I fell pregnant. But far from drop out of the course, I continued my studies, even leaving lectures to breastfeed my baby in the car and I left with a First Class degree and a passion for the complex process of successfully marketing a business to consumers.


After university, I continued growing businesses and I started to run a cocktail bar and create cocktail boxes at big events. Whilst that was taking off and I realised that I was good at organising and helping to make things happen and so I also began my wedding planning business and ran these successfully for 5 years.


With my thirst for knowledge I started to look into Instagram as a social channel and fine tune the impact it could have for a small business like mine. So I partnered my background in marketing, and my passion for understanding complex things in a simple way, and soon found that others in my industry were asking me for help when it came to using Instagram to generate enquiries.


Within four months of advising other businesses, I had made more than I had made in four years of running an event business and the more I helped others grow their businesses on Instagram, the more I wanted to do.


I now work with both corporate clients and small business owners helping them to use Instagram and digital marketing strategy to attract clients and make sales; which most successfully resulted in the sale of two £2mn houses for an estate agent through Instagram!


My processes are based on statistics and fact mixed in with an understanding of psychology and how people behave on the app and my unwavering passion for finding success for my clients.

and now it's your turn to know everything that i know.

it's your turn to apply strategy and direction into your own business.

so i have created:

The accelerated


my 14 week course that guides you through the process of understanding and using instagram as your go-to marketing tool for your business

week 1

photos and imagery that make an impact

week 2

captions that make them stop and look

week 3

the psychology of influence

week 4

effectively using stories

week 5

understanding your insights

week 6

creating your hashtag strategy

week 7

engaging to find new followers & clients

week 8

growing your followers

week 9

working with influencers

week 10

planning out your message for the year

week 11

pr & relationship building on the app

week 12

turning a follower into a client

week 13

market research

week 14

consistency and keeping it up

everything that you need to turn your account into a money making machine!




Closes on Friday 6th February at 8pm