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What's After Instagram

Instagram may be the shiny cool thing to do at the moment and a lot of people may only just start to be exploring what it has and how it can help your business. However Instagram won’t be around for ever in the same way that people are talking about Facebook now, people will be talking about Instagram in the future and so in my opinion the next thing on the horizon is TikTok.

If you have’t downloaded TikTok yet then I would suggest that you do, create an account with your business name on it and just leave it there. You want to know that you have held your business name in TikTok in the future, just in case you decide to use it and then your branding stays the same across the platforms. Also, to have a presence on an app that people are starting to use. There are 800 million people using TikTok now and as soon as you download the app and have a quick browse you will be able to see why. It is a highly addictive app. The creators have really lent into a lot of physiological tactics that keep the users engaged and on their phone. Remember that these social media giants no longer measure their success in money but in how long their users are spending on their app.

TikTok is pretty easy to figure out, it is all videos. It is aimed at creating entertaining videos and you just swipe up between people. One of the cool things that I like about TikTok is that it prioritises new content and people that you aren’t following over the people that you are following so as soon as you log on you see new peoples content which means that you are able to reach bigger audiences quicker. You will see that TikTok has loads and loads of engagements happening because it is all being geared around showing content to new audiences continuously.

The goal in TikTok is to trend. This way you build your list of followers. It is similar to instagram in that you need to be thinking about who your ideal client is, what sort of content you think they would be interested in and how you can service them to align yourself with them. When you watch TikTok, it’s immediately obvious that the level of creativity that these kids are coming up with far exceeds a lot that you can see on Instagram and Facebook. When you upload a video to TikTok there is quite a lot of creative tools you can use to create your own videos and you can add music. It is very simple to get your head around. The type of things that people are doing is amazing. And let’s be honest, these teenagers, who may be teenagers now but they are the future and the buying power generation.

At the moment I would think the core of people on TikTok are between 15-22 but it won’t take long for the average user age to increase. In order to start to work on a TikTok strategy you are going to have to think video. Not just tutorials but how to entertain. It’s all about giving value through entertaining. Then when you would be selling on TikTok it will have to be very directive but also entertaining. I’m not coming out as a TikTok expert or suggesting that I can create a strategy for you but all I am saying is that it will be something that I would start to look in, download the app and hold your business name on it and just start browsing.

If you want to follow me on TikTok my username is Inge.Hunter.

Inge x


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