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What really happens when you REALLY concentrate on marketing your business

Yes I'm talking to you; you're convinced you're doing your best but you know that deep in your heart you haven't been doing everything you can. Or maybe you think you have been doing all that you can but something's telling you that you don't know what you're missing and you're not sure what it is yet.

So let me take you through step by step what happens over a 5 month period of marketing and concentrating on your business because that's what happens when we work together. I work with you and make sure that you are being yourself; shouting out about your business everyday and doing all that you can to make sure you are focusing on your clients and customers and building and growing yourself as you go.

Month 1

This is always the most exciting month, starting something new is always exciting! You're buzzing with energy and enthusiasm and have a million ideas swirling around your head. You are so organised, you write out everything you need to do in your diary and you make sure that you are doing your best to hit the targets and the goals we set out together. This is a fun month!

You also start to get feedback from your followers and everyone interested in your business straight away; there are always a few followers who are on the side lines and all it takes is a little consistent action to make them come out of the cracks. It is a very rewarding month and you can often see very quick returns on your efforts here.

Month 2

Some of the enthusiasm is still there but by week 5 of posting about your business every day and doing stories and generally marketing your business every single day the enthusiasm starts to wobble. Thing is that this applies to any activity you are trying to do day in and day out; it gets hard around week 5. This is when you naturally want to give up and the original excitement is starting to drop off.

But you're determined to make good use of what you have set out to do AND if you have me on your back about it you're not able to slow down or stop because you need to push through this to get the real results.

Month 2 can also see a dip in engagement and enquiries because people get used to seeing your business regularly and so they stop paying attention in a physical way and become more used to passively consuming your marketing without taking action by liking; commenting or dropping you a message.

It's not all doom and gloom though; this is when your real cheerleaders start to emerge; those people who really like what you're doing; really connect with what you're doing and tell all of their friends about it! Your fans start to come out!

Month 3

Let me be brutally honest and say that this is a hard month. Not only are you starting to warm up your audience so sell to them next month you are also starting to question your whole business.

This is the month where you really do need someone to have your back. Thing is it's not that you're doing a bad job; in fact the exact opposite! You've been talking about your business solidly for 2 months now and you're not only starting to learn more about your business and the way that your followers react to it and what other people really love about it; but, you're starting to learn about what you really love about it too.

This is the month where you question everything and the whole way your business is, because you start to see the possibilities it has.

You've been marketing it consistency and thinking about it consistently and suddenly you can see all of the paths you could possibly take with the business - and this can be overwhelming. Partner that up with the fact that you are really starting to form a secure habit this month it can mean that for a week or two you aren't sure what to say or how to post or how to market your business.

This is normal. This is okay. And it's necessary for your business to grow. As the saying goes: you can't grow in a comfortable situation. The same goes for your business. You need to push into the uncomfortable to get to the next step.

So once you push through these feelings; stay consistent and look forward to the next month in this process it starts to become exciting again. You can see that next month I'm going to encourage you to hard sell and that may not be something you've done before and you might be excited about the possibilities of that.

So you end month 3 with a heightened sense of possibility and determination and foresight.

Month 4

By the time you get to month 4 you should be trying to hard sell here and there. Your followers have been privy to a constant stream of solid marketing for the past 3 months and you may have had a huge number if enquiries by now; but it's always good practise to flush through your cycle and push your business every now and then.

So month 4 becomes just that; a 'Buy From Me' month which concentrates on separating the clients/customers from the followers and empowers you with the ability to 'do business' for a change and concentrate on making those sales - a necessity for all businesses.

So month 4 is a rollercoaster of concentration and you begin to learn how to listen to what your followers are telling you and how to react and adapt to what they need in order to make the sales that you need!

It's an exciting month, it's a money making month and it's one that you will learn a lot in! You will grow in confidence and will understand that you are able, and an expert enough to command that concentration on your business.

I love this month - I always feel excited and proud for every client that I guide through this 'Buy From Me' month.

Month 5

Now you have to readjust to the new look of your business. You will have new clients, you will have a new sense of achievement about you and you will have a huge amount of passion and excitement for what you can now achieve.

Your accounts will be buzzing in activity; your engagement will be high and you will finally feel as though you are doing what you are supposed to do and that you are capable of doing more and achieving more.

You may feel like you want to take on the world this month; you might feel like really going for it again but it is important to understand that your followers may not be there with you and may be 'sales exhausted' after following you through a month of hard selling.

So this is the month to slow down, gather your thoughts and strategize for the year ahead. You need to re engage your audience, work out your message for the next few months and reconvene.

Month 5 is a glorious month. Not only are you full of hope and trust in your own ability. but you have also formed a solid habit of marketing your business and it will now come naturally to you in a way that it didn't before.

After the end of month 5 you can be confident that you are now really doing everything that you can to get to where you need to be.


It's a rollercoaster; I'm telling you! but as you can see it's all a necessary cycle for you to not only be visible and clear for you followers; but for you understand more about your own capabilities as a business owner and for you to really understand what it takes to ensure you have a healthy, profitable and successful way of organically marketing your business.

To learn more about how I can help you achieve all of this; walk you through it and hold your hand in the process; then have a look over my signature service The Social Method

where you will find out all of the information about how we can work together to help you achieve this and more!



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