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Three Ways to get More Clients and Customers

So when I put Instagram into Google the first query that comes up is:

‘How does Instagram work for my business’

So let me tell you the ways….

I could write a short essay on the psychological effect of Instagram and the ways that you are influencing through persuasions; as well as the effects of frequency illusion.

But I’ve laid it out into three key areas of how social medial (Instagram) helps you to get more clients and customers.

So here they are:

1. Make yourself uber visual on social media and other mediums. The more people that see you the more opportunities you will have to find sales.

2. Build relationships with people who can help. Network with those who can offer you work or direct people your way.

3. Directly engage with potential clients/customers. Use social media to find them and then engage with them. Like door to door sales but online.

A nice balance of all three of these areas will 100% help your business to grow in the direction you want it to.

Inge x


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