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Three Reasons Why You Need To Start Using Email Marketing


‘How do you make sure the as many of your Instagram followers end up buying from you in the long run?’

We need to focus on creating, building and growing our email lists. This is a fundamental cog in the digital marketing machine and can’t be ignored.

People who sign up to your email list have put their hands up and said that they sort submit to hearing more from you - so this is your golden space for sales.

People expect to be sold to a little in the email marketing space and if you keep them nurtured (very important!) then I guarantee you will be more successful with your sales.

Need I convince you more? Maybe a little bit? Check these points below to see just how important it is:

1. People don’t see all of your social media posts; but your emails will always be in their inbox (and at worth their junk)

2. You can tag and monitor your sign ups so you know more information about your followers; what they want and where they come from.

3. People who sign up to an email list are *extra* into you so you know they are people to take care of and are more likely to buy from you.

If you want to sign up to my newsletter and see how I do it then feel free to head to my resources section in the link below and download a free resource to be added into my mailing list.

Inge x


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