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My Quick Guide to Growing Your Account to 10k followers

So, we all want Instafame. As much as you think you don’t, everybody would love to have 10k plus followers. But how do you get there? How do you grow your account to a point where you have 10k followers, but not only that, how do you grow your account to the point where you have 10k followers that are interested in what you are doing and could potentially become customers.

Well….. first, let me tell you what not to do.

1. Do not buy followers or engagement. You will lose control of who is following your account, you may get marked as spammy and your account could be blocked and you may end up being really detrimental to your audience statistics and organic insights into how you are doing in your account.

2. Don’t think that you can get there by just posting nice fun pictures of yourself without doing else on the app. Growing your account in the most organic and authentic way takes real time, work and commitment. It’s just like anything, you have to put the time in to get what you want.

But let me break it down for you. I personally think that the best way to grow your account to 10k followers is through an organic engagement strategy. Make time every day to have conversations with people who could become new followers and all the while making sure that the conversations are with those people who you think may become clients. This way you are building your account through personal connection, therefore people are more highly invested in checking you out and you are growing your account with people who are in your eyes likely to become an end client. This solves so many problems, it means you are growing, it means you are have a client base, it means that you are interested in what you are doing and it means it gets you to a point where you have an extremely successful business because you can always lean into that great following you have.

So….. how you get there.

Firstly, in this instance engagement is categorised into the following people, liking posts and following posts. If you took the time to just follow new people you may convert around about 15% of those that you follow into followers. If you follow someone and like some of their posts you will convert around about 20% of those people into followers of your own. If you follow, like and comment on someones account you may convert around about 35% of those people into your own followers. So, to get there quickly you are going to want to be following people, liking their posts and commenting on their posts all at once to get you the best return on your time you are spending on this. Let me note here that you don’t have to follow these people for the rest of your time on Instagram. I always recommend a monthly clean up of your account to make sure that you have an engaged following. Make sure you are not following people that you are not engaging with, you are not following people who are not serving a purpose for your account. This is different from a follow for unfollow method where you would pretty immediately unfollow someone who doesn’t follow you back. I wouldn’t recommend this, I would recommend having a monthly clean up to make sure that you have a quality account.

So, what does that effort and percentage conversion rate look like when you turn it into a real life situation. Well, let’s dive into the maths.

So, as you can see, to get to 10k followers a year I would recommend that you are following, liking and commenting on around 46 accounts per day to get the best return for your time. On average, doing this should take you around one hour of focussed and strategic engagement every day but try not thinking about this as wasted time. This is lead generation, online networking, building your client base. It is a necessary task to ensure that you use instagram as a legitimate business tool rather than something that you just have to do.

So there you have it, if you want those 10k followers, ultimately my advice would be, spend an hour a day engaging and ensure you are liking and commenting on 46 accounts per day and as you are doing that make sure that these are all accounts of people that you could turn into a client or customer in the long run so that you are gathering highly interested followers and you are increasing your conversion rate at the same time.

If you want to learn more about engaging to grow your account I have an engagement training course which you are welcome to send me a and let me know if you are interested so I can sign you up for next time round.

Inge x


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