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Most Common Excuses I hear when it comes to spending time on your business

So here are a few of the most common excuses I hear..

“I don’t have time”……None of us do “I don’t have the money”……None of us do “I’m not qualified enough”……None of us are “I can’t sit still”……None of us can “I don’t know what I’m doing”…….None of us do “I need to be held accountable”……All of us do! “Someone else is doing it”……there always is! “It might not work”…..It only works if you work!

After a while you learn to realise that you could have any excuse under the sun but if YOU don’t do it then it’s not going to happen.

Growing and sustaining a business is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life because it takes more than just doing the thing to keep it going.

You need to keep your mind in check. Your finances in check. Your social life in check Your relationships in check.

All to follow this endless pursuit of owning a successful business.

But the thing I’ve learnt through experience is that if you really want something and I mean really want it - then you can have it!

You may have to give it years of your life before you get any rest bite. You may have to pump all of your money into it until you get any payback. And you may have to sacrifice a lot more than time along the way.

But if it’s something that you really want then you can get it.

Now, you may disagree and perhaps you haven’t had to sacrifice much in your pursuit of business but I can’t be sure that there has been somethings you’ve had to give up (even if that something was a self limiting belief!)

But the big secret here is that you’re not on your own! It feels liked it sometimes an it can certainly seem like it at times.

But let me say it for those at the back YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

We feel the thing you’re feeling and we all share the thoughts you’re thinking.

If you want to chat or need someone to connect with then send me a DM @ingehunter

Inge x


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