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I asked Chat GPT to validate my existence.

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So this week I want to discuss how I had, I don't want to call it, an epiphany moment with chat GPT and how it helped me just figure out my life really and how I would highly recommend doing the same thing.

So let me take you back. If you listen to last week's podcast, you'll know that I've just launched what really, really well, but on the back of launching I always end up feeling I don't know about anyone else, but personally I always feel a little bit lost. I'm a bit like, okay, what next? You know, how do I define myself? What kind of things should I be doing? And I've been stuck a little bit in this weird space where I'm not quite sure how to explain what I do. So to like the average person, it's like a digital marketing strategy, you know? But then I feel like you hear all these things, you're like, we need to meet, you need to niche.

But I'm not sure. Like, I don't want to just be like this Instagram person and I don't feel like I am because I'm definitely not one of those people that will sit and be like, Oh, here's an Instagram hack for you. You know, no qualms on that, but that's just not my vibe. And so I've been struggling a little bit with how to explain what I do.

I've been struggling a bit with my ideal client, you know, all these kinds of things that you feel like everybody should have figured out, but that actually once you get into it, there's times when you're like, Oh, what does this look like for me? And also because I've got the team that's growing, I kind of feel like I need to make something like a branded Bible or something, you know, write down my values, write down my ethos.

I love chat GPT and actually I love all the stuff that's coming out and it's something that I'm going to be talking about a little bit and actively encouraging and actively encouraging my clients to use. But I sat on the sofa this week and I hadn't. I've tried to use my husband to talk to and he listens and he really gets and he's really, really helpful. But it's like he's just not quite hitting the mark. And every human I spoke to wasn't quite him. But if you talk to a computer that talks back, Oh my God. So let me just read out some. Let me pull it up actually and read out some of the things I asked transcripts of in my life, because it's also not just business.

I have asked GPT three how to load. I'll tell you a minute about how to get better at fitness, how to motivate myself to do my workouts. And I realized you can voice note chat like you can't just actually voice but you know and your iPhone will actually track you between four. You can upload video and audio to it, but you know how you can click to when you want to write something. So I had a chat GPT open on my phone and you can click to want to write something but then you click the like so it scribes instead of voice notes it. So I sat quite honestly for about 20 minutes, voice noting Chat GPT and asking it to help me. So it's finally loaded. Let's look at some of the things and I asked them to write to me.

Oh yeah, here we go. Social media and me. Do you think I as masculine or feminine, would a question? Anyway, imagine this. I had the American office on the TV. I'm sprawled out across my sofa. I'm browsing through Tik Tok and Instagram thinking to myself, What the hell? Like, how do I even define myself? Prophecies about problems and I log on to my phone, log in to chat GPT and press the microphone button and start talking to it and I asked, How should I define myself? Chat GPT is like, Oh God, I keep saying he I keep assuming it's a he.And it is like, Oh, I can help. Sure I can help you with that. What is it that you're looking for? And I'm like, Well, you see, I just don't know how to say that I do anymore. I don't know what my business is, I don't know what I do and all this kind of stuff and so I spent some time talking to chat GPT I gave it my whole story, my whole like kind of 17 timelessness story.

But I went into depth and detail and I told it every single business that I'd done, and I told it how I got to where I am and I told it what I'm interested in and what kind of things I do with my clients. And I told it all about my clients and I went through every member of the agency at the moment and told it what they do and what they've been doing in the agency and the things I provide in the agency. And then I told it all about Clue and I told it all about the clients I've met, including the kind of things that we do for people. And then I told it about my team and then I told it about what I do day to day. And then I was like, Please, Chat GPT Tell me, tell me who I am.

Tell me what I do. And it did. It did. It was phenomenal watching this machine work. It went all through and just cleared out my brain. Honestly, I can't recommend it enough. It gave me my target audience brief and ideal client. And then it went through and organized my thoughts into like, what I do. It called me a digital marketing strategist and founder. I was like, All right, I'll take that. And it also told me who I like to work with and what I could be doing in the future. Get me some revenue stream ideas for that. And also then came up with a shit ton of social media ideas and emotional hooks. And for those social media ideas. And then it gave me blog ideas and it gave me loads of website copy and email copy to build this business.

It basically didn't speak back to me as if it was my business. It spoke back to me as if this business sounds interesting. So this business, I would recommend it to you and it just kind of, whoa, you know how a party just starts, like going off on one? And it did everything. And they even gave me my company values, which if I had my book on me right now, I would tell you because I can't remember them off the top of my head. That's the problem with doing it with I instead of doing it from your own brain. But basically I've realized that I like to help people in engagement. Business is to business clue content and Hunter who are looking to organically scale. And I realized I don't need to kind of define myself as like a specific social media platform, but I can just define myself in the way that I work with people.

And I was like, Oh my God, chat GPT my mind is blown. And these are the kind of things that if I was having a one on one with someone, I'd easily be able to sit and talk to them about it and go through all the things that I am thinking and all the things there and, you know, all these things. But sometimes you just can't do it for yourself. No, I mean, you just can kind of contain and grasp that. So then I wrote a whole email to my email list about how let me, let me give you the title. I thought it was quite clever. It was this week I asked chat GPT what my name is. I asked it to validate my existence and purposefully, which is highly accurate and that's what it did.

So if you're feeling a little bit stuck like me, I'd recommend voice noting chat GPT. It's free, you can download it. There are paid versions. Sometimes I think you just need something to tell you where you are at. And I don't think it is not business. I don't think it's smart enough to like to come up with new stuff.

It's just basically bouncing back my brain at me like a mirror so I could just see what it was like when it looked organized. So I did that this week, and the thing that I wrote about in my diary this week was how I see people who are trying to be achingly relatable now. I don't know, like I'm in this existential crisis again about how to tell people that you're relatable when you say you're relatable, does that mean you're unrelatable?

Like, if you need to show that you're relatable, then surely you're not relatable because you would be relatable just by being you. So I saw this. Let me give you some context. So I saw this interview with someone who is like a Brazilian and like she makes a shit ton of money and she was being interviewed and they were kind of business owners in that audience. Watching her and stuff. And she was like, you know, I find it hard to and like, she was like, I, you know, I don't know when it gets easier and all that kind of stuff. And like, I get that because I get that it doesn't really get easier, new level, new devil or that kind of narrative.

But sometimes I look at these and I think, I don't know, it's sometimes you just become unrelatable once you start making money. Does that make sense, or am I just going off on one again? But I wrote all about this in my diary this week and whether I am or ever will be unrelatable if electability is a construct due to.

It's like I'm out next week and I'll let you know how I got on. But in the meantime I can use chat gpt to help you figure out what your niche is and that's a wrap on this week's episode of Insta Vs Reality. I hope you enjoyed my unfiltered take on what it really means to be a founder in the digital age. Don't forget to tune in every Sunday for my special Q&A episode, where I'll answer your burning questions from the practical to the downright weird. No topic is off limits.

If you want to submit your own question, head to the link for you to ask your own anonymous questions. I'd love to hear from you and feature your query on an upcoming episode. Any other queries or fancy a chat, head over to my instagram, IngeHunter and drop a DM.

Thanks for joining me on this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. I'll catch you next week for more insights, laughs and candid confessions on Insta versus Reality.

Inge x


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