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What is the Goal of Instagram

When it comes to digital marketing and when it comes to thinking about growing your business there are so many options. You could try one of many of the social media platforms, you could try focussing on Google and Google Ads, you could try paying for social media ads, you could also try online relationship building. The list can be ever growing when it comes to marketing your business digitally but when it comes to Instagram sometimes people think that it is just a pretty picture and that there can be no real purpose behind it, sharing pictures won’t change anything and they start to ask themselves ‘what is the goal of Instagram’?

When you see Instagram and when you look at it, yes it does look like a bunch of pretty pictures with inspiring captions, mini videos of people chilling and acting ‘instaworthy’ but really your purpose and goal of Instagram is to market your business and attract new clients.

How do you do this on Instagram? You need to get someone to do one of two things, either click the link in your profile page because this will take them to your website at which point they can do business with you or to send you a private message (DM) where someone might enquire with you and they might end up becoming a client. So the goal of Instagram is really only one of two things and then the whole point of Instagram becomes a case of directing attention and gradually and consistently edging people closer and closer towards clicking the link in your bio or sending you an enquiry through your DM’s.

So, let’s work this backwards.

Step 1 - Your profile

Your profile is the point at which someone take can take these two actions; click the link in your bio or send you a DM. So when you look critically at your profile does it look like a shop front? Does it show you off enough to make someone feel compelled to click the link in your bio or send you a DM? It must look approachable, it must look high quality, it must look professional, it must tell us what you do, it must be purposeful. This is why it is important that you have pictures that fit together, pictures that are relevant, pictures that are of high quality as well as having a bio that explains what you do in a very succinct way, as well as having stories in there to help people understand your business very quickly behind the scenes.

Step 2 - Directing people to your profile

Getting people to your profile is where the content sharing comes in. For someone to reach your profile they have to click a tiny line that says your name in bold below or above a post or they have to click tiny name in bold in the top corner of your stories. It is really quite hard to get someone to click that tiny piece of writing that directs someone to your profile page and so doing it once or twice in a month and not necessarily paying much attention to how you ask someone to interact with you will not make someone feel compelled enough to click into your profile page. So, to give yourself the best opportunity for someone to click and come and be a part of your business you need to be sharing posts everyday so someone has the chance to click into your profile every day, you need to be sharing stories every day so someone has the chance to click into your profile from your stories everyday and you need to think about the quality of those posts and those stories.

Step 3 - Having high quality content

When you have posts and stories that talk directly to the kind of people that you attract to your business, that help know, like or trust your business and tell a story you are giving yourself a better opportunity to make a stranger feel compelled to learn more about your business or clicking the link in your bio or sending you a DM to become a client or a customer. When you share your content it can be more important than just sharing a picture you just snapped or sharing the coffee you just drank in your stories. There needs to be some thought out strategy as to why you are writing and sharing and how it is going to make a difference to someone else and why it will make them feel compelled to click into your profile to click the link in your bio or send you a DM. So having a strategy on your Instagram can help a lot with your overall goal with your Instagram.

These are all things that I can help you with and if you are interested in finding out more about these little tricks and purposes that help you achieve your ultimate goal of Instagram you are welcome to join in with my Instagram membership, @designyoursocials for you 14 day free trial to understand how to give yourself a better chance of achieving your ultimate Instagram goal.

Inge x


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