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How to find 100 New Followers in 5 days

If you were to set yourself a task to find 100 new followers in 5 days what would you do? How would you start? Shall I tell you? There are some very easy steps to take which will help you to complete your task and I’ll set them out for you below.


Write down 5 hashtags that you use and that you think your clients will be using too. Go into these hashtags one by one and tap into the recent ‘tab’. Click on 10 posts in each hashtag, like the photo and leave a meaningful comment on each post.

At the end of this task you will have engaged with 50 new accounts you have found through hashtags and they should inspire some new followers.

It may seem obvious but sometimes it’s just something we miss. Simply following people we want to follow us back. Don’t follow for unfollow as that is not what I’m suggesting but you need to go out and find people to follow and see how you like following them for a while. You may like it! It not then after a month or so you can unfollow.


Identify three accounts who attract the followers you want. Go into their followers list and scroll through. Hit follow on 20 people in each account that look like the right people for you. And then at the end of this task you will have follow 60 more accounts. Like I said, you don’t have to commit to following these people long term; but wait around for a month before you unfollow them if you don’t want to follow them and don’t follow private accounts. Respect their privacy and keep it to public accounts.

Don’t forget that you have other places that people know you and know your business. So use these places to funnel interest into you Instagram account.


Now you need to think about someone who you are already connected with and comfortable with who is complimentary to your business. Someone who works with the same kind of people but doesn’t do what you do. Then get together and decide to talk about each other in your stories to try and swap some followers.

So, here’s what you need to do: think of someone who fits the above description, Send them a DM and ask them if they’d do a few stories about you and you’ll do a few about them too, don’t forget to agree to @tag each other in each story you do. Do some stories talking about them and how great they are and remind them to do the same. Remember to do this with someone you already get on with and trust and that would be up for it - not a stranger and try to do your stories about them first so that they see how much you love them and feel compelled to do a good job.


Head to your other social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook Snapchat, LinedIn, TikTok - where ever you have a business presence. Write a post that tells people that you’d love them to follow you on your Instagram account and a little bit about the kind of posts you share on your Instagram account and give them a reason to. Post it up AND don’t forget to include the URL (website link) to your Instagram account so that all they need to do is click on it - make it as easy as possible for them. Remember you could also post in any Facebook groups you’re in - tell them that you’re working hard on hitting (x) number of followers and would love a follow if anyone would like to - n.b. some groups don’t let you post links so just write your Instagram @name. AND as a bonus (and ongoing attraction method) don’t forget to put your Instagram account at the bottom of your email sign offs and in blog posts.


It’s rather hard to ignore someone who slides into your DM’s and stories allows you to do just that. So this is where you’re going to concentrate your attention next.

You need to find people in three different places: In the hashtags, In other people’s follower lists, In the discover (search) feed. Ignore their grid and go straight for the stories.

So the task is this:

Find 60x people to interact with in the ways mentioned above. Watch their stories (all of them) so that you come up in their story views, comment on a story or two if you can; feel free to just leave an emoji response or a quick response; or something longer if you desire - just make it genuine and repeat until you’ve done 60 people.

Once you have completed these 5 steps you should have or certainly be very much on the way to receiving your next 100 followers and let me know how you get on. For more advice head to my instagram training membership -

Inge x


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