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How to Construct An Instagram Post

Ever wondered how to write the best Instagram post? Curious about how some people seem to have a better impact than you? It may be down to the fact that they are a little more strategic about how they piece their content together and weave the right parts into their captions.

Have a look at these, save them for later and ask me some questions about how it’s done.

1. Hook

This is the your entry into your caption. It is the first 11ish words I’m your post and needs to really capture the reader’s attention to make them stop and pay attention.

2. Story

In the middle of your caption why not try telling a story? Stories are ancient ways of transferring information and are more memorable.

3. CTA

At the end of your post make sure you are ending with a ‘call to action’. A little sentence that gives the reader something extra to do with you so you can retain their interest.

4. Hashtags

Always end with hashtags. This is how you tell Instagram who to put your post in front of and can help you reach new followers. Think of hashtags that relate to your client.

Inge x


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