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How does Instagram work for small businesses?

Using instagram for small businesses is a powerful and easy way to grow your business. Instagram has the highest reach meaning you can reach your ideal clients and produce the right content that you know will help you interact with your followers. Instagram is consistently developing and producing many different ways in which you can improve your ability to connect with followers.

Processes that will help develop the awareness of your instagram business account to make sure it is reaching the potential ideal customers such as lead generation, lead acquisition and lead conversion:

Lead generation-

This is about getting people to see your account, increasing people's awareness for your account. This means improving the reach of your content and for your business account. Some instagrammers are not even going to be aware that your business even exists so understanding what is and is not working for your business will help establish awareness for your business. You know your target audience, so make content that will help them engage with your business.

Lead acquisition-

Lead acquisition is covering the process of capturing, filtering, enhancing and delivering leads to various systems. This means how you attract someone to basically like your business enough to want to follow it and eventually spend money with you. Once you have captured your ideal followers, you can start deciding ways in which you can weave in other leads to your website for example.

Browsing your instagram page is one thing however, with the right posts targeting the right audience you can increase your audience by encouraging them to click on your website and buy from you. This whole process is about you turning someone into a follower. You have to make a total stranger like your account enough to make them pay attention to you. You have to show them that you are worth their time.

Lead conversion-

Conversion stage is when you convert an existing lead into an account. Having loads of followers is not always the best thing to be worrying about as it does not guarantee that your actual business is going to be successful in sales. Lead conversion is demonstrating how you turn followers into customers. This could be done by engaging regularly with followers that have shown interest or with accounts that have similar followings to you. Having more contacts will only give you more opportunity within your business.

Over on my website I have put together a FREE E-book for you to download and read all about how you can ‘turn a stranger into a client’. It is a debrief on what you could attempt in order to gain more clients and sales.

Inge x


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