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Four Reasons Why Instagram is the best place for your business

Our of all the digital things, I hands down believe that Instagram is the number one place to grown your brand and generate leads.

Once you know how to navigate it correctly it can be very easy to find and to see the right people. I even made a handy list to tell you why; so you can share it with anyone who doesn’t believe me (or you!)

It’s very easy to find potential clients. All you need to do it know where to look. Instagram is rather easy to navigate and if you find the right accounts then you can find a hub of you kind of people following them.

  1. You can find people in your location Just browse through your locations hashtags or location places and you will find people in your area who are also active on the app.

  2. It’s very sociable It isn’t weird to send someone a DM on Instagram and introduce yourself. Instagram is full of people interacting with strangers, making connections and making friends. It’s a great place to make connections

  3. You can have fun on it Instagram stories has many way to make your content interactive, attractive and fun! The more people can interact with you the better for your engagement and account growth!

I have managed to hone in on what makes a successful account and what doesn’t. The key ingredient on Instagram is striking a perfect balance between strategy and creativity.

One must be creative enough to encourage people to follow our accounts, to take interest in our photos and to care about what our captions are but equally we must be strategic enough to know that we need to build relationships with our followers to the point that they trust our brand and they want to buy from us.

If you need me to go over or clarify the points I’ve made here then please, drop me an email at or find me on Instagram @inge.hunter and drop me a DM


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