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Eight Things You Need to do your Digital Marketing for your Business

Let’s make sure you’ve got these covered.

  1. A Plan Mark out in advance what you are going to talk about, what you want to communicate and how. Then stick to it!

  2. Photos You need photos, a picture speaks a thousand words! Get your own taken or use a provide like unsplash. The more of your own photography the better though. Plan this in advance if you can.

  3. A Scheduler Even if you like to post as you go you are a business owner and you need to be organised and stick to your plan. Organise your posts and what you will talk about in advance and then you’ll stay on track

  4. Email Marketing Provider Social media shouldn’t be the3 only place you collet an audience. Set up a landing page to collect email addresses and send newsletters. You will increase your conversion rate if you do.

  5. A Website As you grow people will expect a website to get key information and learn more about you. This is your pinnacle of communication and should look attractive and on brand.

  6. Google If you need to know what to talk about then search for it in Google. Look for key questions other people have asked and answer them. You could write blogs or social media posts that answer the questions you find.

  7. Google SEO tools Once your website is built and people are looking at it. Keep in touch with how people are finding you by using Google Analytics and how to improve your google ranking with Google Search Console.

  8. People Keep consistent and keep talking to people online. Your followers are your potential customers - you need to know who they are and you need to keep them coming.

DM me if you need any more advice! @ingehunter

Inge x


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