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10 reasons why your marketing might not be working.

Marketing is a process that is essential and requires you to be persistent. It needs to be approached properly in order to successfully make sales. You have to perform your marketing skills correctly and in some cases you may not know how to.

Here is 10 reasons why your marketing might not be working:

1- You are not marketing. Simple. You are not consistent in producing regular posts. If you do not market then you are not being visible to your potential clients. You have to make sure people are aware of your business.

2- Knowing your ideal clients. Having an idea who your ideal client is and who you want to target will help your marketing massively. You will have an idea of what they want or need from you and you can work around that. You need to be in touch with your followers so they can trust you.

3- Solution focused. Rather than telling your followers how you will help and what the solution is, you should focus more on the problem itself. You are constantly telling clients the solution. Their problem might not identify with the solution you are offering therefore they are unable to understand.

4- There is no consistency. If you are producing posts, marketing and communicating with followers well one week and then not so much the next week,this will affect your marketing. Followers need consistency so they know they can rely on you, tell them what's going on, and update them with what's happening behind the scenes.

5- Not being broad enough. Focus on one platform you really love (for me instagram) and demonstrate marketing across that platform to try and attract consumers. Once you have figured that out, try and spread across other platforms and repurpose them, such as facebook. This is because you could likely pick up morefollowers and it will help raise awareness for your business.

6- No value is being added. You must think of your followers point of view. If you are only focusing your marketing on what you want to do, how is this going to benefit customers? You need to be adding value to someone's day, not thinking of how your marketing is beneficial to potential customers will only keep your business stagnant.

7- Not a big enough audience. There is no magic number on how many followers you should have but the more people paying attention and following your business, the more chances of successful marketing. You will be able to make more sales.

8- Branding. A business branding style will be a key factor when customers determine whether they notice your business or not. If your branding is not professional enough it will be giving off the wrong impressions. If you are doing marketing tasks but your business does not look as professional as it should, then it will affect your success rate.

9- Being passive. Marketing is a balance between awareness marketing and sales marketing. You have to be making sales and focusing on a unique selling point in order to achieve that.

10- Not working with me!! Maybe you have not learnt what is right for your own business, only what people are telling you to do rather than experimenting and testing what works for your individual business.

To work with me and to find out more on how strategically plan your marketing ideas, head over to my instagram, Inge Hunter.

Inge x

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