let's take away the titles

and explore what's underneath


I am a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner that has always been fascinated by understanding how people do what they do and make a success out of it. The longer I have been in business and the more I explore and work with my clients to help them increase their online visibility and become more comfortable with marketing themselves the more I have come to realise that the titles we give ourselves in business and life aren’t all that important and that it is what is underneath that professional facade that make us who we really are. So I want to use this podcast to dive into different people and their different versions of success and the personal barriers and boundaries that they have faced and overcome on their way towards pushing through to their own dreams to try to pull out the essence of everyone that Its pursuing their dreams and who they are underneath that endless pursuit.


So listen along with me, find elements of yourself in the discussion and learn to understand that underneath whichever title you are giving yourself in your professional or personal life that it is just a title and that who you are underneath the title is what really matters.


If I Can

Help You


That yes it does get hard and that yes you will face barriers and if i can then talk to  people that can take you through that and prove to you that these things can be overcome - then you can overcome them too.

and my goal is to help you understand that whatever it is - you have the ability to move through and keep going.

just like they did!