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let's share some

I am completely in love with sharing what I know (sometimes I get so passionate about it that I turn red!) and I am all about community over competition. If I have knowledge that your people need then get in touch.

I have consulted a wide range of industries and business types from plc corporate marketing departments to intimate workshops in the village coffee shop. I am comfortable delivering on stage as well as in a board room to online.

Tell me what you have in mind and let's talk it through.

I love going over all topics Instagram marketing but am also passionate about educating in millenial marketing strategies; business strategy; creating membership and subscription services and building your own personal brand

here's what people have had to say

about my workshops:

"Wow Fab! Thank you! The attendees were glued and I'm sure they will be diligently watching the replays. It was such an in-depth topic but you managed to keep them all engaged and work to all of their levels. Thank you!"

"OMG You're Amazing. Thank you Thank you so much for this evening. It was AMAZING!"

"You were absolutely ACE!! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed it too? Can I book you in for another session I can't wait to hear from you again!"